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What do you think will be the subject of my 500th question on Fluther?

Asked by rebbel (23645 points ) May 18th, 2012

Or, what should it be?

This is 499, by the way. (Thanks, @janbb!)

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Is this it?

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@janbb The next one is.

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That was Option B.

In that case , I think your question should be:

Why is @janbb the most marvelous Penguin on the Web?

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dildoes. or Sartre’s politics. either one.

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Why do people living outside of the USA display a better grasp of the English language?
congorats on 499!

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Why are men from the Netherlands so attractive and smart?

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@chyna ‘s FTW!! Fyrius and Oratio were very attractive and smart. :-)

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I remember them!

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(Both great guys: I really miss teasing Fyrius.)

This is Social – right?

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“Here is a picture of my friends showing their approval of my question style. Can you guess what their initials spell?”

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The pros & cons of self indulgence?

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There was also 14 year old Davie (Klauss IRL, I think) and one of the Vincent’s. Their use of English was scary and demoralizing.

@rebbel: If you skip the penguin question by default, there is always Milo.

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And whitenoise.

It would be default of @rebbel if he skipped the penguin question.

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At what point does up become out?

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It will be NSFW for sure.

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Sex, I hope.

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Your 501th question on Fluther?

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I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. Lol.

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Will it be a leading question or one of the unled???

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Don’t forget Markyy in that group!

“What should I do to celebrate this, my 500th question?”

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Hey, no problem, you’re more than welcome!

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Thanks all, I think I will go with @ucme‘s suggestion ;-)

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…& no GA on that self same question, hmmm….methinks maybe I hit a nerve perhaps ;¬}

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My apologies, @ucme, it must have slipped my mind (my policy is to give GA’s to all answers on all my questions, no matter if I like the answer or not I am giving GA’s to my “Yes or No” question from two months ago on a daily basis).
Your “self-indulgence” answer from yesterday was the one that gave me the biggest smile!

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There you go, that didn’t hurt a bit, now did it?
There’s a good lad ;¬}

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