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How does the outside of your house look in terms of Christmas lights & so forth?

Asked by ucme (38651 points ) December 9th, 2013

Our house, together with our neighbours, we may have aeroplanes landing on the front lawn after dark.
That would kinda ruin the look as well as destroying lives…a risk worth taking perhaps =0}

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My own is pitiful (one light up Santa and a string of white bulbs), I’m not really into the lights and stuff, I think it’s obnxious.

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Same as during the year…but there are trees with fairy lights right in front.

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I’m not decorating this year because frankly I just don’t feel like it. I usually put a strand or 2 outside… Kind of looks like a “Charlie Brown” house. I reckon I’m just not that creative!

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364 + 1

The outside appearance of my house is unchanged by the season. As is the inside.

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RIght now, it just looks snowy. I’m thinking of getting a string of outdoor lights (small, white ones) for the first time ever, just for my rear balcony.

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20 foot blue spruce with colored lights – the big bulbs, so it’s visible from across the canyon. It’s also visible from my “morning perch” and the sun rises every morning behind it.

I love that tree. It’s one of the best parts of Christmas for me. Hubby just got the lights on yesterday. The only downside is that I think it costs about $200 in electricity to power, but we tried LED’s one year, and they just weren’t bright enough. I hope they fix that soon, if they haven’t already…

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Nothing, nada, zip. I am a Jew.

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Nothing whatsoever outside. In fact, there is only one house on our street that has anything outside.

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Like the home of a proud if not particularly religious Texas Jew: unadorned except for a small Mezuzah from Israel on the front door.

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The exterior of my house looks Jewish. (So does the interior, now that I think about it.)

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@gailcalled But did Milo have a bris? Frodo’s was a bit extreme.

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Our house never looks Christmassy from the outside. Neither does the inside yet but I haven’t started putting up the tree and the decorations. I’ll do that on Friday.

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One word: Griswold.

(I have nothing to do with it, it’s all on my partner. We have very different tastes.)

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Outside: Not a thing.

Inside the tree is up, and in my closet there are a couple of prettily-wrapped packages.

Oh, yeah, the Christmas Puppy is making very festive puddles all over my kitchen.

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I have to put up my own lights, so they are simply draped on the fence. It looks very festive, but I would rather have the roof outlined in colored lights as well.

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Pretty plain. A couple of wreaths on the columns and you can see the lighted tree through the front window. We used to do perimeter lights on the eaves but always got into a spat when “someone” thought it was time for them to come down, now I just go over to my daughters house and install them there instead.

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I have a good friend who goes all out this time of year. He has thousands of colored lights up all over his house, trees and bushes as well as little Christmassy lawn statues (lighted deer, snowmen, massive inflatable santas etc.).

Several years ago I asked him why and he said he loved this time of the year because he could decorate his house like a ”(Insert your favorite minority here)” and no-one gave him any grief.

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We have two reindeer in our front yard. Our Christmas tree can be seen from the street, as well as our multicolored Christmas lights in every window. :)

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