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Is winter highway maintenance seem to be getting worse in your area?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (3721 points ) December 12th, 2013

Every year the winter maintenance seems to be getting worse in our area, the private contractors just don’t seem to put down hardly anything for salt and sand, and in heavy snow falls theres not a plow truck to be seen, just wondering if it is the same where you are?

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Our Interstate Freeways are properly maintained, but state and local maintenance has been cut way back for most. I am lucky enough to live in a tiny city that has fiscally responsible management, and we haven’t experienced the problems that most other places have.

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Western NY. No. They do a great job here. We love our plow guys – even if they do knock down the mail boxes or occasionally squash a car parked in the road during a snow emergency. They are our heroes. Really!

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As with @LuckyGuy, Western New York here. I will second what he has said. I also happen to know that a lot of the towns around here get salt for the roads based on the amount used the previous year, and we have had two mild winters in a row, so the people who salt the roads were putting down way too much the previous years ready for a year like this one, where it looks like we might get slammed.

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I live in rural West Virginia… I’d love to have a regular road clearing crew that gets worse every year. I’d also love to be able to have a vehicle smaller than my hulking Ford Explorer. So, it’s not the same in my area. You’re doing much better.

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I’m in Tampa, FL. It’s fine here, but we don’t have snow, just construction zones that don’t move for years at a time. I don’t mind too much, though, because I know the alternative is that many more people out of work after the jobs are completed.

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This is just called getting older. It was always better last year..

Now get off my my lawn.

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I live on the busiest 2 lane highway in my county, and if it was maintained any worse, they would just stop altogether, year round.

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@ibstubro so that is a yes?

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Southern Tier of NY, our roads are going to hell because of budget squeezes and idiots. NYS mandates all kinds of crap but provides no funding. Our snowplow guys bust their asses but they can only do so much.

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Our Government privatized the highway department over twenty years ago, and it has gone down hill every year since.

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Excuse me. I should have said guys and ladies. That was too sexist.

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We don’t have winter here in Texas.

Not that our highway system does not need some improvement.

Just sayin’

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