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Is Dr. J. Getting a Festive Hat This Year? ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (16294 points ) December 14th, 2013

It is that time of year to ask about the holiday outfit what Dr. J. will wear.
Hope the costumer is available for a makeover.

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I am hoping he is in his Christmas Jammies.

Jellies…jammies…Hello? Is this thing on?

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~~The thing is working but your writer for jokes a should have stayed with Bob Hope. ~~ ;>)

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This is asked every year, he usually gets a hat around a week before the big day.
Either the powers that be need the reminder, or a set date is in place…I dunno.

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I think he needs a Santa hat and beard. I’m going to go change to my Christmas avatar now!

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Where is it?? I don’t see a costume… should be there by now…

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Dr J. isn’t white enough for a santa hat according to Fox News.

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I sure hope so. We’ll see if Ben can get it done in time. :)

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Thanks. @augustlan you’re the best. ^ ^ ^

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Nice job, Ben! Thanks!

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Thanks @ben.

Best of the Season and Happy New Year to all

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He has a hat! And a candy cane! That’s awesome!

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Himmler looks so much more humane…for now.

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Woot! Dr. J looks mahhhvelous!

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Are those snowflakes, too?

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Snow Jelly is here! So excited!

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Thanks, @ben! Things are much more festive now.

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Yay yay!!!! Meppy Hanufestuchrisoleidanzaa!

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@linguaphile It takes a linguistic pro to say that ^ ^ ^.

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