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Is it true that the more lurve someone have, the more active they are?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (4632 points ) December 26th, 2013

Recently when I browsed Fluther I found that there are some jellies who have a lot of lurve (usually from 2000 and up) but I didn’t seem to know them until now. It’s just like I’ve just met a new jelly. Why couldn’t I find them although they are here for a long time? Is that because they are not very active? Is it true that the more lurve someone have, the more active they are?

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Fluther has been open and active for several years (7–8?) and the members with a lot of lurve have been very active at one time or somewhat active over a long time.

You top out at 100 lurve per individual member, meaning that I can only give you a total of 100 and you can only give me 100. That means that a member has to have a lot of activity to get to 10,00+ lurve!

Some members are very active, take a break and come back on and off again. I think that’s natural and healthy and probably the norm.

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More lurve = more sexy.

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Fluther opened its doors on Oct. 15, 2006. I was invited to join several months later; I now have my own rocker and lap robe on the veranda as a loyalty and longevity reward. The lurve is simply gravy.

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The lurve and a couple of bucks will buy us coffee. Or maybe it means we need more of a life.

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It could also mean that they were active for a while but aren’t on as much nowadays. There are also some members who have been here a long time but only pop in every once in a while to ask a question or something. If you go to someone’s profile, you can see the date they joined. Also, there are some people who had previous accounts.
According to this, 472 people have over 5000 lurve. That’s a lot of people to remember. 263 people reached 10 000 lurve, and that’s even a lot. Hell, even 85 is a lot!

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I’ve been on the site since July 2007, and there were a couple years where I was mostly inactive. The longer one is on here and the more Lurve they have, the harder it is to gain more Lurve points because there are limits in how many points members can give to one-another.

I also find that there is inconsistency in how people decide to click the Great Answer or Great Question buttons. I’ve seen Questions where the OP (original poster) comments and expresses appreciation for someone’s answer, but the GA under that answer still reads 0… On other questions, it seems that the OP will award a GA to every comment on the post.

Thus, I’ve learned not to concern myself with points and don’t consider them a show of status or popularity, but more as a testament of time invested.

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29 is a managable number though.

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I know I come and go depending on how much free time I have be on this site. When I was taking 5 classes I didn’t come on at all but when I am on breaks I have some free time and I come on daily or evey other day or there about. So as others have said it depends on how active you are and the more active you are in answering questions and posting questions the more likely you will get lots of lurve. I don’t really even look at how much I have any more since I would rather try to help than worry about the rewards of it.

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@ragingloli Definitely. And so is 8 and 3. But so many Jellies have more than 2000 lurve.

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