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How many 'store' cards do you have?

Asked by ibstubro (9134 points ) December 26th, 2013

Not credit cards, but a card that each individual store requires you to carry in order to receive the ‘ad special’ price?

In order to get a card, you have to fill out an application giving your name, address, phone number and email. At that point, you have given the store permission to harass you as much as they see fit. You have no cause for complaint, because you have provided the info willingly.

I find the cards extremely annoying, and stopped cold after about my fifth one. Walgreens is particularly bad, in my opinion, luring me in the store with specials on the flashing board and on advertising, then refusing to meet the price unless I have a card.

Recently I asked the woman behind me at Walgreens if she had a store card, and could I borrow it. She actually had an entire keyring full of nothing but individual store cards. That’s ridiculous.

Anyone else think ‘enough’s enough’? That they whole store card thing needs to turn into some form of rebellion?

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I love this question. I balked at having any cards in the beginning. Who do they think they are monitoring me buying beer and ice cream at 2 in the morning?
i finally caved because I wanted the lower prices but it still pisses me off.
I have a key ring full of them also. <bows head in shame>

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Awww, @chyna. I thought you were stronger than that!

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Without checking my wallet, I think I have five. Two are for grocery stores that are in a different part of the country, so I don’t carry them around any more.

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Hy-Vee, Kroger and County Market. That’s 3.

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4.. A Big Lots card, 2 grocery store rewards cards and a movie theater card. I cheat and use my daughters number at CVS stores . I hate them too, and refuse new ones.

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@glacial impressive. Pharmacies alone demand more than 3, usually.

@jonsblond I’ll see you those 3, and raise you a Shop-Co, and a Pharm-card.

@Coloma the Big Lots card was a scam…started out with real rewards, then backed up to you had to have $20–30 purchases in a visit to qualify. They change the terms, you’re still committed.

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@ibstubro I don’t have any for pharmacies, though I find them the pushiest. I value my privacy more than the occasional discount on things I don’t need anyway.

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Ralphs, Vons, Rite Aid and CVS. Albertson’s used to have one, but they did away with it, which I’m glad, because the prices are still good and you don’t have to search for the card. I don’t like carrying all of those cards around on my key chain, so I keep them in a little pouch in my bag, but then I have to dig that out. Stater Bros never had a card, and their prices are better than the other grocery stores for regular stuff. I mostly grocery shop at Trader Joe’s, and one of our local green grocers for produce, neither of whom require cards. I would shop at Whole Foods if I could afford to : (

Yeah, I also had one of those Big Lot cards, but you had to purchase at least $20 or $50 worth of stuff, if I recall. I never bought that much in one go, so I stopped using it. Then they closed the BL’s by my house so I never go there anyway.

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Only one that I use – Kroger (supermarket). I have been issued others in the past (CVS, Best Buy) but I don’t carry them and they haven’t done much for me in the past.

I don’t like it at all – it’s invading my privacy right and left. The only reason I use Kroger’s is because it gives me something valuable in return—15 cts/gallon reduction in the price of gas.

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Papa Gino’s Pizza
I get $5-off every other order

I get a free something every month (coffee, soup, half-sandwich, cookie)

Good for specials. I’ve had no issues with them.

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I have two
Kroger-I get great coupons from them in the mail

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I have seven store cards that I am aware of and three of them are on my key ring. I only have one key so I like that they add a little bulk to it because sometimes I get paranoid that I’ll lose the key otherwise. Otherwise, only one card goes with me everywhere and that’s to my grocery store of choice, which offers fairly good rewards and cash back opportunities.

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I have 16 card in my CardStar App… Grocery stores, drug stores, office supplies, pet supplies, electronics, clothing stores, and eatery rewards.

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Two. I had three, but moved from Krogerland. Now I just have CVS and Walgreens. Walgreens I have their app in my phone, so they can scan my phone when I shop. The app is awesome for drug refills. Just scan the bottle and pick day and time for pickup, and the refill request is done. I don’t get a lot of emails from Walgreens. Maybe I opted out of some of them? Not sure.

I’m glad Publix doesn’t do that whole card thing.

I have three different vehicles I drive, so I don’t have cards on each keyring, plus my husband hates the keyrings to have all that stuff. When we did shop at Kroger using the card meant you accumuated points for cheaper gas, so I made a couple extra cards to keep in the cars. Just copied the card on a copier, so I could scan them at the gas pump.

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I have a King Soopers and Safeway card but neither of them require any information from you. And it’s not even a card, now everyone just uses their phone number at checkout. I have a “card” that again is not a real card, to the large liquor store in town. I also have one to Petco. And Petsmart. But the only real hard copy I have is Petco. I don’t mind them, if they do something good for me.

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I have one and that’s enough. They keep my mailbox full of junk mail every week with “special deals” and “sales.” It’s impossible for one store to have that many deals and sales in any given month!

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Many moons ago, though, I had a card that got you a free Kebab for every 10 Kebabs bought.

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CVS and Walgreens. I’ve never had a problem with not having my card with me when I go to Walgreens, @ibstubro – when I tell the woman at the counter that I don’t have it, she just asks me to enter my telephone number in the keypad to pull it up, and then I get my discounts!

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Winn-Dixie – certain ad-specials get you money off of your bill at the petrol station. I’ve gotten up to $1.50 off per gallon after a trip to the grocery store.

Walgreens – just got it, actually. It’s a prescription discount card as well as a regular store discount thing. Generally I find Walgreens to be overpriced and don’t typically shop there.

And… uh… I have a library card on my keyring.

I used to do CVS, until Extreme Couponing and shows like that exposed the loopholes and took away all my fun.

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After reading alll the responses to this thread, all I can say is (once again) Damn Kroger for closing my local store! That was the one card I was sure to use and that I saw real benefits from. Great coupons by mail. I feel your pain, @JLeslie

I’ve also decided that I’m going to find someone’s phone number who’s registered with Walgreens and start putting that in when I want the sale price. I shop there for special only, and maybe 5–6 times a year. I don’t have prescriptions and Walgreens does not need to know my phone number @laurenkem!

@WestRiverrat gets the cookie, for not caving in to a single card.

Don’t you hate that @TheRealOldHippie. Big Brother junk mail.

Where the hell are guys supposed to carry that key ring full of 42 store cards, anyway??

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@ibstubro – I have a Google Voice phone number I give out for those things. I am a female, but it hate carrying a purse. I used to keep my card key ring in the car, but was very happy when someone created a smart phone app to store all the numbers. Some stores can scan the bar code on my phone, for some the number has to be entered manually. Now when I leave home, all I need are my phone (the case holds my driver’s license and a credit card), and my car and house keys. Sweet freedom.

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Less than five. Walgreens, Pet Warehouse, CVS & Rapid Roberts.

The only one I like is Pet Warehouse because they actually said “Okay, you have $5 now, would you like to use that now on this purchase?”

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Two for local grocery stores, only one of which I use regularly. One for Pet Supplies Plus which doesn’t get used too much. One for CVS that I use a lot as my husband and I each have three prescriptions.

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@ibstubro Pain? I hated Kroger. Their shelves are full of private label not very good products. I tried many of their products, I have nothing against store brands, I am happy to save the money, but the quality for 75% of their products were sub-par. Not to mention the produce was horrific! At least in TN it was. I don’t remember it being that bad when I lived in NC or MI, but maybe it is that bad now in those places as well. When fruits and veggies were at the height of their season the items were better, but still, risky. When I bought from their deli counter half the time the food went bad in two days. I know they keep the deli open on the shelf too long. I would ask and they would have a package of meetopened 6 days before and still selling it andntell me it’s good for 7. Um, yeah, that means by tomorrow it might be rotten in my fridge. Of course some stores are run better than others. This happened in more than one store by me. Plus, they don’t wipe down the equipment enough, so when they cut my fairly old meat, and then someone elses just opened meat, their meet was contaminated by mine anyway. I basically didn’t eat fresh cut deli meat for years living there.

Oh, and talk about contamination, I can’t tell you how many times they put raw meat in with packaged deli and even raw veggies and fruits at the check out! This never ever happens to me at Publix. It might be more about Memphis than Kroger, but it was annoying and constant.

I will say this, the staff was very nice; but really, I would rather they be less congenial if it is a trade off for having better food. Of course they should be able to do both.

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^ One of the few things Florida has going for it is Publix.

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^ What she said. Yay Publix!

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@ibstubro Do you wanna use my phone number? Ha ha I can rack up more points!!

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I wrote Publix when I first moved to TN to see if they were planning to come to Memphis. They are in Nashville, but not Memphis. They responded with a very nice, very complete, email. When Schnuck’s closed down in Memphis (another grocer HQ’s in the St. Louis area) I wrote Publix again. There were all sorts of rumours they were coming. They responded, and confirmed they were still not coming to the area.

I am so happy to be back in Publixland. I can find almost all the products I want, in TN there were over 20 I was accustomed to buying that I could not buy in local supermarkets near my house, including Kroger. Finally, a Target added on a grocery and I could buy some of it there. I was in Publix in Clearwater last week and struck up a conversation with an employee and Memphis came up, and he said he heard Publix might expand there. Maybe they finally will. They would do fantastic in that market.

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Best thing about Publix is that they’re not only willing but happy to break packages, their produce is top-notch, and if there’s anything you want that they don’t have, they’ll get it for you within a week.

The one near me stopped carrying a brand of tea I like. I happened to mention it to the produce guy I talk to often, and lo and behold, it was on the shelf again the next time I was in the store. Like friggin’ magic.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I handed a list to Kroger and Schnuck’s. I provided UPC’s and everything. Most of the products they did already carry the brand, just not the specific product I was looking for. Schnuck’s eventually got back to me and could not fill any of it. Stupid shit like they had three brands of maple syrup dark amber, but not one medium amber. I remember one was they had three brands of evaporated milk in a can, but only whole milk and skim. I asked for the 2%. It is beyond me why a store would not carry at least one brand of 2%. almost a year later at Kroger, an employee who remembered me said she noticed they started getting in the 2% and thought of me, and she was glad she saw me shopping. They kept it on the shelves the next 7 years, so I guess it sold. They didn’t start ordering it because of me though, I think they never looked at the lists. I constantly felt like they had all the same stuff on the shelves, I can’t really explain it. Not a large enough breadth of choice, and not very sophisticated palates. Not even sophistication, they just didn’t have enough Jews and Italians I figure doing the tasting and the buying LOL. Bakery wasn’t good. Didn’t carry decent deli mustard. I mean really.

My Publix in Delray ordered a salad dressing for me, and within a few months they carried another two flavors, and alway kept mine stocked. I figure I helped them with that. I want to give my publix a list of a couple items I can’t find there, but I haven’t done it yet. They have the brands already, just not the specific item I want.

The big trick about retailing is you don’t know something can sell if you never have it on the shelf.

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I don’t have an alternative phone number to give, @hearkat

Kroger here was excellent, and about the only grocery I shopped (the alternative being Walmart Super) @JLeslie. 70+ persent of our food was from Kroger, then they closed last year. I hate it, still. And my card won me free product coupons.

Yes, I’m currently looking for someone I know that has a Walgreens card so I can use their phone number, @laurenkem. lol It needs to be someone I have programmed into my phone, though.

Schnucks closing was an even bigger hole in my shopping life, @JLeslie. There were in easy walking distance and easily the nicest grocery in town. They were National Foodstore, before that.

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I used to get free coupons from Kroger too. I’d rather just pay cheaper prices in general and not have to deal with the card, receiving mail, etc. I hate all the “junk” mail, even though I did often use their coupons. And, how much are they ripping off people without a card? I don’t like it, just like I don’t like not knowing how much a doctor’s visit will cost. Just charge everyone a fair price I say. I don’t like the game. I’m too negative I know. I’m just too worn our and feel too abused by games with prices in so many things. I just booked a very nice price at Marriott in Orlando for being a rewards member, I am happy about that. For whatever reason their loyalty card doesn’t bother me. Makes no logical sense really. Maybe because food is an every day thing that everyone needs. Same with healthcare. Anyone can open a rewards card with Marriott, it isn’t like you need to earn a certain amount of stays or points to get the promotion. I know everyone can get a Kroger too, but if you don’t live by a Kroger why would you have a card? Anyway, like I said, I know I am being a little illogical.

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@ibstubro – Google Voice is free, I got my number from them specifically for this purpose to protect my privacy. It is an option for anyone who has a computer.

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I don’t ever have to take or make a call, @hearkat?

I hesitate to register with Google, since their motto is, “We’re evil!” Just kidding!

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HaHaHa! I’m not a big fan of Google, either; and am amazed at the people who complain about the NSA logging phone numbers, but are OK with Google and Facebook tracking nearly every activity they do online or with their mobile devices.

No, you don’t have to take or make a call. My Google Voice rings through to my mobile – but only because I have it programmed that way. I also have it programmed that before the call rings through, the caller is asked to announce themselves; then if I do answer (I usually don’t), I hear “Call from recorded announcement; press 1 to accept, or press 2 to send to voice mail” (I’m not certain of the exact options, because I haven’t answered a call in ages). In the unlikely event that a message has been left, I get an email transcription of the message (usually humorously inaccurate), and I can play back the message.

I never answer calls that I don’t recognize the number, and I rarely answer calls even from friends and family… I hate the phone. I rarely even answer my work phone.

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@Seek_Kolinahr , I was very surprised over this Christmas holiday at Publix. I was at my father’s house and when I mentioned that we still needed to stop by Publix (on Christmas Eve, nonetheless!) he indicated that he had a few items he needed to “return”. So I took him up there, and he proceeded to tell the young woman at the customer service counter that he was returning A) An open container of shredded parmesan cheese, because “that’s not the kind I put on pizza”; and B) An opened loaf of bakery-made wheat bread because the first few slices tasted “too sweet”.

The girl didn’t blink – I give Publix props for that. Even while I was mouthing, “I’m soooo sorry” over his shoulder.

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There was one, and only one time I’ve ever returned something to Publix. It was a bottle of apple juice that had apparently had a broken seal, and by the time we got around to opening it, it had turned to turpentine. I had probably had the thing for two weeks, and had already thrown away the receipt.

No matter, they replaced the bottle and offered to refund me the purchase price, no questions asked. I was on WIC at the time with a newborn, so I refused the refund with many thanks, since I hadn’t actually paid for it.

Sorry folks, with all the babble about Walmart’s “low prices” and crap, I can’t sing Publix’s praises high enough. It’s actually a big deal in my area, how great Publix is. The Walmart crowd likes to spread rumours to bring them down, and it’s becoming a full-fledged rivalry.

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I have returned maybe 10 grocery items in my entire lifetime and both Kroger and Publix were good about it. I could have returned apples that tasted like poison to Target, but instead I just told them about it to be informative. Kroger would have reunded me the deli that went bad in less than two days, but instead I just told them the problem multiple times, even wrote corporate, and then in the end stopped buying from their deli. When I bought some bad food more than once from a grocer in NC and wrote corporate they sent me a $10 gift certificate. I have no idea if they corrected the problem, I lost trust in their fish and meat department and actually moved away shortly after. I have no idea how Walmart is about food returns or other grocery stores.

@laurenkem The reason for the return should mostly be for the business to know so they can address a problem if there is one. There can be a problem with the vendor supplying the goods, or refrigeration, packaging, food handeling or preperation, etc. The customer thinks they need a reasonable excuse to return, but that isn’t the main goal for knowing why the item is being returned. However, if your dad returns something every week he is what we would call a “chronic.” LOL. I am not assuming he is though.

@Seek_Kolinahr I didn’t realize Walmart was trying to bring Publix down? Is it in ads and commercials? Or, just what you hear people talking about. I am so out of it, I completely believe you, I am just unaware. I’m just curious if it is some sort of formal campaign.

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You’ve piqued my curiosity, @hearkat. I’ll look into Google Voice. Thanks!

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