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What can I do?

Asked by GrellAKAFruitQueen (59 points ) January 1st, 2014

I’m bored with my life. Everyday, all day, all I ever do is eat, sleep, or go online. Sure I’ll see friends, but when I’m with them, that’s all we ever do as well. I want to do something more. I’d go out, but I don’t have money. I’d travel, but I don’t have a car. And I’m only 16, so of course I can’t get far. I want to do extraordinary things, but it seems like I can’t. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to make life more interesting? Because it’s boring, and I hate it.

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Volunteer at a library, hospital, or nursing home.

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I am doing the same I’m ordering out from every restaurant in town. You can get a library card for very cheap, and try for fun to read every book that interests you. You can pick a subject area in school and do an assignment for extra credit.

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Did you quit school?

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Such passion in your well crafted words. Way ahead of most teens who cannot admit the same struggle. You’re on your way to great things. Time is on your side. Cultivating patience may benefit you.

“I want to do extraordinary things, but it seems like I can’t.”

You just did. You made an extraordinary confession to a group of total strangers. That puts you in an elite group. Bravo! Don’t overlook the small accomplishments. Years from now you may see them as huge turning points.

“I don’t have money.”

There are infinite free opportunities to learn money making abilities. It’s all there for you if you can cultivate the discipline necessary to see it through… You’ll have to go through the fire. But it happens faster than you may think, from the viewpoint of a young teen. But you seem to have a great deal of maturity on your side.

Learn now so that the soon to come earning years are more enjoyable to you.

Wordpress for beginners is a good place to start. Billions of youtube tutorials too. Start now and become a sage before your time.

Garage Band has free music lessons. I’m learning to play guitar right now. It’s fun, challenging, and somewhat painful actually. But I know I’m making myself a better person for it.

Become a health food expert. It’s FREE KNOWLEDGE that can benefit you and your family now. It can also become a career later.

Now look friend @GrellAKAFruitQueen, these are some things I’m interested in. It’s a wonderful time we live in that it can all be had for absolutely free. Amazing that some teens are not smart enough to realize the knowledge of the entire world history is available to them if they would only ask, and take a step in the direction that interests them.

But surely you are one of the smarter teens that does realize this. Surely you’ve got enough moxy to take a step, a leap of desire, to try any one of the infinite opportunities available to you. Surely you’re not one of those kids who gets depressed at first failure. Surely your passion will translate into the discipline necessary to cultivate the skills required “to do extraordinary things” as you say.

Don’t be afraid to fail. I use the skateboarder method, understanding that grace and success can only manifest after a few hard knocks and scrapes from falling hard. Don’t be afraid of falling. It’s good for you.

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How about trying to learn a musical instrument like a piano or a guitar? It’s fun! When I first started learning piano, all I had was a 61-key unweighted plastic keyboard. If I wanted to play a piano with 88 weighted keys, I would walk to Guitar Center. If I wanted to play an actual piano, I’d walk to a hotel ballroom and play their grand piano there.
I do some volunteering, like tutoring middle schoolers. can give you a list of volunteer opportunities near you if you search your zip code, and can even narrow it down to opportunities that would be ideal for teens. Don’t be afraid to get involved.

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Gosh, I wish I could find it.

When I was having a down-time, a friend passed on a Youtube video to me, that really made me smile.

The major lesson was this: If you want to do something, the only way you can do it, is by doing it.

If you want to be a painter, then paint.
If you want to be a writer, then write.
If you want to be a dancer, then by George you better start dancing.

If you want to do extraordinary things – whatever those may be – then simply do them.

Do you want to have an adventure? Start in your own neighborhood with a treasure hunt. Try Geocaching.
Do you want to become a medieval Knight, or a Celtic warrior-woman? Go to a meeting of your local SCA chapter. Yes, you can attend before joining. I’d venture to say most SCAdians are non-paying for their first year or so.
Look around on for fun things happening in your area. There are groups of people who meet at local diners to compare their poetry, and groups that get together to play sports a few times a week, and people who just want someone to play video games with. Just last month I went to a totally free introductory Belly-Dancing class. It was a lot of fun. Random find on

Boredom is a choice.

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My 17yr old son absolutely LOVES geocaching.

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Some great answers above.

@GrellAKAFruitQueen: “I want to do extraordinary things, but it seems like I can’t.”

You are unfathomably lucky to be have been born on a spec of dust floating around in a universe larger than you could ever grasp, to have been born in a time period and location on this planet that such thoughts are even available to you, and to be sixteen and not suicidal. You are doing extraordinary things every moment of your existence. What it sounds like you need is the ability to see this.

You don’t need money to be a traveler. The fact is, you haven’t seen .0005% of what is to be seen exactly where you are. Go for a brisk walk right now and look around. The most extraordinary of things are all around you. Everything you think you know and understand about your surroundings and the people you meet will likely change in the next few years. And one of the most fascinating things you still have to explore is yourself.

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Most things in life are what you make of it. Get off the computer mainly, if you think your life is boring all you need is to try getting into art or may be a hobby, use your creative side to overcome your boredom. Read books, do volunteer work, take up a new sport. At 16 you could get a part time job! That would change your perspective on life.

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