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What character of heroes do you like best?

Asked by ahro0703 (365 points ) April 9th, 2014

It doesn’t matter. Marvel, D.C.Universe… Type in what you like!

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Please clarify what you mean by “character of heroes.”

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Quailman. I doubt anyone over 30 knows who he is.

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Impossible to answer as written, so I’m going to bust out my crystal ball.

If you’re looking for a favorite comic book publisher, then I’ll have to go with Aardvark-Vanaheim. Cerebus for the win!

I’ll take Marvel over DC, because I like the X Men.

But comic book heroes seem kind of empty to me most of the time. I prefer books. And I tend to like the reluctant heroes and the anti-heroes. Aragorn and Elric of Melnibonë, respectively, for examples.

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Based on @Seek‘s interpretation, I will say Marvel Comics. Been reading them since I was twelve (I’m forty-two).

I have many favorites including Daredevil and Captain America.

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Dark Wing Duck!!

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Conan the Barbarian.

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I read mainly Marvel so I’m more familiar with those characters. I was an X-men fan back in the day, before the Marvel-verse went all weird in the early 90s. Wolverine was my favourite, I also liked Rogue, Nightcrawler and Longshot.

But I think @ucme has the best one. Dangermouse is awesome.

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Favorite Hero: David North
Favorite Anti-Hero: Eddie Brock
Favorite Villain: Hunter Rose

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I never like superheroes. But I cut some slack for Batman.

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Captain Underpants. Obviously.

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Interpretation tip: “of” was probably meant to be “or.” It’s easy to mistype.

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^^It is, but one does have to infer that the OP was looking for comic book heroes.

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@gailcalled Indeed, but it’s not a difficult inference to make given that OP mentions the two largest comic book companies in the question details.

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^^I would have to know that, of course, which I don’t.

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@gailcalled Every question requires background knowledge, even if only of the language and its referents. I’m not denying the value of clarification, but I can understand why OP may have thought it unnecessary to say more.

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