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Do your coworkers ever have inappropriate telephone calls at work?

Asked by hug_of_war (9936 points ) May 20th, 2014 from iPhone

I’m sitting in the break room just trying to enjoy my lunch and a coworker is loudly arguing with (not quite yelling but still) and scolding her husband. It’s all awkward.

Do you or your coworkers ever do this?

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My office is pretty open, so it is unavoidable that you’ll hear someone’s private conversation. For the most part, they’ve been pretty tame. A year ago, I visited one of our satellite offices. There was a women in the ladies room on the phone. Ewwww. When did this become acceptable? I asked her to leave or disconnect the call.

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This happens with customers a lot. I think to myself Chill! You’re on vacation! I feel like there’s nothing I can do.

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My boss/owner used to bitch out her husband on the phone daily. It was appalling. But, then again, she did that to everybody and she was appalling.

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I don’t do this (rarely make personal calls while at work anyway). I’ve seen many co-workers do this. I always just ignore them.

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People are such morons any more.

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We had an employee who would get calls from his wife 10–12 times a day! I swear we paid him 2–3 hours a day to deal with his wife!

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A friend of mine at work, on average, spends about 2 hours of each 8 hour shift on the phone with his wife trying to digest all her drama while falsely rationalizing why he should stay married to her. Although the phone calls may not be “inappropriate” in every sense of the word, they are irritating to him and leave the rest of us shaking our heads at his dilemma.

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At my current job, I haven’t interacted much with my co-workers much. However, at my last job we shared an office between five people in shifts, and one of the workers would regularly talk very loudly with her fiance on the phone. She generally had boundary issues, though. We filed a complaint to our supervisor and she stopped.

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Ugh. I don’t know why people don’t take their dramatic calls either outside or off to some corner and try to keep the discussion quiet. Calls about everyday things, yes, it’s ok but calls where there’s arguing going on or upset, why do they want everyone to hear that?

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I honestly think some people think that others are as vitally interested in their drama as they are. I think some think that those listening will be cheering for them.
It all goes back to we’ve forgotten our manners.

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