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How should I go about hiring a graphic designer?

Asked by ben (8681points) November 9th, 2006
I'm in a small startup and I'm looking for a brilliant designer for web and UI. There's such a massive glut of people on Craigslist I don't really know how to begin looking, and I don't have time for an all out search. And my social network is not that huge. What's the best way to hire a talented designer, either full-time or freelance?
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My roommate is a product designer and has done a bunch of graphic design for companies. If you give me the nature of the project I could see if he could design something for you and if so what the pricing would be.
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I'm a designer. Specialize in web. I'd love to talk to you, see how I might be able to help.
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I would suggest that you do a search that encompases both the word "design" and one or two keywords that your company specializes in. For instance, I have horses, so I would say "equine design" and hopefully I could find someone who's worked in my field before. There are also pleanty of designers looking for work on and you can find designers hanging around any CSS website (do a search for CSS design and you'll find a lot of folks). Also, you can post a classified ad over at ... Good luck! Make sure you do a good check of their portfolio and their style matches what you'd like, and please don't expect to get designs for free up front for you to "pick from".
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You’re spoilt for choice with web design and similar services. Freelance work in these areas is getting ever-more popular due to the rise of platforms like Freelancer and People Per Hour, both of which I recommend you look at. It’s getting more commonplace to treat the hiring process like a face-to-face process, with an interview and breakdown of costs before work begins. Some people ask for a small project to be completed (and paid for) first, to gauge how suited a freelancer is to a more involved project. Many freelancers collect references and testimonials from past clients.

Alternatively, you could use a recruitment agency to find someone for you.

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