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Is making your own sushi worth it?

Asked by boris (10points) November 9th, 2006
When you account for obtaining the fish, time and skill to prepare, is there justification for making your own sushi?
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There's the *fun* factor. If you get a group of people together, and a bunch of different fish/mixins, you can make a party of it. Just mkae sure your knife is *VERY* sharp and that you clean it after every cut.
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it never tastes as good as the sushi in the restaurant but it's a lot cheaper. Make sure you use special sushi rice. otherwise it won't stick.
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I say go for it. Yeah, it's not as good as the super-duper fancy rolls at the sushi joint, but it's really fun, and you can be creative. AWESOME for veggie or vegan sushi lovers.
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I still find veggie sushi sightly perplexing, but that's just me
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I think its really fun, especially with a big group of people and interesting ingredients. Asparagas is really easy and tuna can be fun.
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but its not as good as at a restaurant, definitely
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SO much fun to make with a bunch of people. The effort needed is not worth it for just one people. Just make sure you use fresh fish because otherwise that could get both smelly and untasty
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ANY kind of cooking is NOT worth it! Think of what other fun things you could do with your time!
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nope. You can never get the fish fresh enough.
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Sushi chefs study for many years to hone their craft, so our makeshift home version really doesn't even compare. But it's fun.
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it's totally fun! sure, the fish isn't likely to be as great as good restaurants, but if you've got a good fish market near you, or even just someplace you can get good real crabmeat and avocado, you can do a decent job.
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not that fun, not that tasty. this is why they invented restaurants.
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I find making your own sushi like eating one of those giant Hickory Farm chesse and sausage baskets. . . it's so much work getting everything unwrapped and put together, by the time you're done, you don't want to eat it anymore.
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yes. If you're like me and somewhat lazy, skip the fish and make california rolls. Once you get the operation down it's incredibily fast and easy.
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I actually find the process quite relaxing, just follow instructions really specifically and dont skip anything, even if it sounds stupid.

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yes I make it all the time. Now I am just as good as a restraunt and my friends are really impressed. It is definantly cheaper too.

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If i had everything prepared then yea. The prep for sushi is a pain not to mention making the rice the perfect stickiness.

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Rolling it is so fun, plus you can add all sorts of ‘wrong’ ingredients like dill pickles or kim chi.

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Totally worth it! Just be sure to tell the fish man you’re making sushi and he’ll give you a nice super-fresh cut. You can find tons of sushi books everywhere and experiment with different shapes, etc. Quite entertaining and worth the time, if you’re looking for fun food.

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Sushi at home is great if you can find the fish. It is cheaper and tastes better. Costco has sashmi grade Tuna which is perfect and cheap for making sushi.

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nah in my experience the price works out much the same theres a heck of a lot of washing up and it dosnt taste as good plus you end up making more than you need and you can store it…granted it would be fun to do if you didnt have a budget or time contraints

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Being Japanese, it’s kind of a family tradition. A very sharp knife and the right rice and ingredients makes the results worth the bit of work it takes. Better than at a restaurant and at less than half the cost. There are so many kinds and styles I know my learning phase is over now that mom has started to really show her mileage.

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it’s hard to make, my sis tried to make her own! lol

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If you love fussing in the kitchen, it can be a lot of fun. On the other hand, I bought sushi, arranged it on a plate of my own with lemon pieces and horseradish and took it as an appetizer for a party. My hostess thought I’d made it myself. I told her later that I hadn’t.

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Absolutely worth it! It’s a great way to get those creative juices going. I once made a christmas tree out of sushi.

Super super fun too, especially if you like to cook.

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Yes!!! It is so much fun! And you can try different things. It’s nice to go out but making it at home is a fun experience that will help you appreciate going out even more.
I’ve made rolls with tuna from a can mixed with mayo, chicken, veggies, nori on the outside , nori on the inside, with and without sesame seeds, ...
I don’t bother making the rice with the vinegar an mrin. I just take it right from my rice cooker.or with a splash of mirin because it’s sweet and a sticky.
They are always delicious. Or maybe it’s the 250ml bottle of sweet Sho Chikubai sake I drink while preparing them that makes them so good.

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