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Can we see where people live or have lived with the new changes?

Asked by partyparty (9139points) October 11th, 2010

I was looking at a question about weather, and their responses, but couldn’t find where people lived.
Am I missing out on something in the changes here on fluther, or is there somewhere where I can see which country a person lives?
I know before the changes there was a list giving us this information.

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Yeah, some people had it in their profile… I’m wondering that, too. Of course, I might just not know which button to push. A not uncommon problem for me.

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I’m not aware of an official Fluther list that existed before and has disappeared with the recent changes. There is, however, an Unofficial Fluther map by John Powell.

GQ though. I’ve often thought it would be helpful to have the option to list what country a person is currently living in below or beside their name in their post. Either that, or if more people would state what country they are in when posting a question/answer where it makes a difference.

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The places we had listed as where we have lived are now part of the topics list.

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I miss this, too. Before, when someone posted something particularly ignorant, I could look at their profile and see they’ve only lived in Arkansas and Tennessee, and then I could forgive them because they just haven’t been exposed to much in their life.

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@Seaofclouds : Yup, like I said, didn’t know what button to push, there it is. Thank you.

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@JilltheTooth I think I must be just like you… don’t know which button to press. I think we have to look more carefully to see where people live now though
@Pied_Pfeffer Yes being lazy I would like to be able to see instantly where someone lives although I haven’t listed where I am from -)
@Seaofclouds Ah yes I see it now, although it is more difficult to distinguish, thanks
@breedmitch I am from the UK so don’t understand your answer, but I still think it would be nice to see immediately where someone lives, particularly when the question is about weather etc. :-)
@harple Wow I’ve just looked at the map, many thanks

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@partyparty I just happen to have it saved on my computer! John Powell’s done a great job, add yourself to it!

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Damn.. I had forgotten about the form for people to add themselves. I have to approve them first before they actually get added. The form just collects data. There was about ten in there. It should be current now.

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I think if you want to salvage the parts of your old profile that aren’t there any more, you have to open the temporarily stored profile and copy and paste into your new “story” before the old one is deleted. I’ve just done that myself.

I hope people will include geographical information in their new profiles. It really does shed a lot of light sometimes.

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@Jeruba how do you access the old profile?

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1.) Click on My Account
2.) Under Profile, click on View retired profile fields (temporary)
3.) Copy the information in Places I’ve lived:
4.) Click on the back arrow and click on Edit your story
5.) Paste the information and click on Save

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Your thanks belong to @Pied_Pfeffer, who got here before I did.

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