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What city have you always wanted to visit?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 11th, 2010

For what reasons?
I saw House Hunters last night, and they were in Tel Aviv, Israel, and now I am dying to go there. I love the architecture, and the culture from what I’ve seen

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San Francisco, always wanted to stand on the corner of Haight and Ashbury.
Besides, it just seems like a beautiful part of California. I , not a big California fan.

Hong Kong, just such a friggin big city with so much going on.

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There are lots of cities I’d like to visit :) A friend of mine who goes to school in Santa Cruz owes me a trip to The Castro. We’ve both been far too busy with academics. Maybe I’ll finally get my road trip once I graduate this year.

I’d love to go to London and Paris to walk the streets my favourite authors, poets, and painters lived and were. A weekend in Dublin’s rain sounds wonderful, too. And a visit to Sydney before committing to attending school there would be ideal.

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So many cities on my list and so many of them within reach. Dublin, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Marrakesh. My partner wants to go to Budapest but it has no appeal for me. Further afield, I’d love to go to San Francisco and Chicago (I have friends in both cities) and Sydney.

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London. Because of the great museums and all of the history. And I want to have a real English tea.

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There are several cities I’d like to visit for the typical tourist reasons, but what I’ve always wanted to do is spend some time in rural areas of Ireland. There is no better way to experience a country than to go hang out with the locals.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I did that when I went to Spain. Stayed away from the Costas in a remote little mountain village where hardly anyne spoke any English. It was bliss.

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Anchorage, a place I have wanted to visit since I was about 12–13 years old. I met a girl in a chat room once, back when mIRC was all the rage, we where talking about where we lived, I sent her a picture of my town, she sent me a picture almost identical to the one I linked to. and I have wanted to go there ever since. my town is a tiny little town near the beach, normally its about 100 degrees here. so the idea of a city with tall buildings that is covered in snow was and is quite interesting.

note: the picture of my town is actually a picture of sa coma, cala millor, part of cala bona and son servera, my actual town is about a 3rd of the total. while it looks a little big, its actually about 2 miles long, and none of the buildings are over 6 stories

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Oslo, Berlin and Zurich

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@ChazMaz And then when you’re done taking that in, you walk down a block to Masonic to the Magnolia Brewery. Really good beer there.

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New York City

I’ve been to Paris, London, Rome, Chicago, and Washington D.C., but I still haven’t been to NYC. I can’t believe with all the traveling my family has done that we haven’t gone to NYC. (Both of my parents have been before, but not with me). I’m trying to organize a trip there with friends, possibly next summer.

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Rio de Janeiro
Paris (I know!)

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London, Venice and Rome. I want to do it all in one trip and THIS is how I want to go:

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Seville. And, just two days ago I saw a Martha Stewart episode about Singapore, and now I would love to go there some day.

When I retire I want to take a world cruise of some sort, maybe 2 months long.

@aprilsimnel why did you write I know after Paris?

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Paradise City. I hear the grass is green & the girls are pretty!

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My daughter is going to New York just after xmas, will be in Times Square for New Years eve. I want to go!!

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I would not want to be in Times Square for new years.

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@ucme I heard differently. I heard the girls are fat and they’ve got big titties

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@JLeslie I feel like everyone’s been to Paris already but me. :/

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@Michael_Huntington That’s an awful way to talk about Chelsea Clinton. Take that right back this instant young man!

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@aprilsimnel Oh. I have not been there yet.

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Venice and Rome and also Vancouver. There are others too numerous to mention.

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Hong Kong because from pictures then it looks really similar to San Francisco. I think going there would almost be like an alternate universe SF, I could imagine the same shape of bays, mountains, hills, etc.

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Yes, definitely go to Hong Kong. It kicks so much ass

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@JLeslie I would love to go to Singapore. My dad lived there as a child and, although he hasn’t been back recently, he remembers it very fondly.

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@Leanne1986 and @JLeslie – Singapore is wonderful! Come visit!

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