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What gadget or piece of tech would you love to have but will probably never get?

Asked by Sakata (3347points) February 9th, 2009

I have a few things on my dream shopping list.

The V1 Chair gaming computer desk.
The 3D glasses for PC, 3D TV Converter, and/or 3D Projector
A lawnmower that cuts grass with lasers, has internet access, and can do 80 mph on the highway.

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But with frikkin lasers attached to it’s head, of course!


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A flying car. Specifically, this one right here.

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It sounds silly, but I would really love a fancy food processor. Lasers not necessary.
I am a techno-idiot, and apparently easy to impress. :)

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A personal robot that does what I ask it to. I’ll ask nicely of course.

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I would love to have a laser compound miter saw. I dont even know if they exist yet but I want one.

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@TaoSan Maybe some more stair practice.. but I’ll take it. And I will love it.

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I want this!!

Here’s the demo

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Yeah I knew this one, felt sorry for the little guy :) It seems it got much better at it now.

Wonder if someone had to do “Hara-kiri” after the public shame

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Besides a TARDIS? A space shuttle.

I won’t live long enough to see space ships become common modes of transportation, darn it!. :(

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pfff…I work at an electronics store, I plan to own all of them..

But no, to be honest, I’d probably never own a Segway.

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I want to build the biggest Godzilla robot most mobile fully armed with breathing fire.

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Mac Pro and 30inch monitor, mmmmmm

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A MacBook.

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@buster: This saw here? Also saw one by Craftsman.

@RandomMrdan: I would like to have a Segway but I want the off-road version. If for nothing more than the irony.

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well. I would like to have a hybrid energy jet-pack. That would be Legend-( I hope your not Lactoseintollerant…..)-DAIRY!

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This is what I want. Cheers!

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The Wacom Cintique

I played with one at Seagraft a few years ago – DROOL.

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I’ll second a segway. I’d love to have a play on one of those!

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The “va-poo-rize”, if it really existed. No more poop scoopin in the backyard, yay!

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I would really love to have an iphone. I can afford the phone itself, but the monthly service plan blows my budget right out of the water.

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I want . . . my fricken…....JETPACK!

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my own private spaceship, w/ warp-drive, of course.

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OK, a realistic gadget now. I want this as soon as it’s possible to get one. But I’m neither rich nor friends with Jobs or Woz. And it’s just a concept at this point, but still.:(

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@aprilsimnel I will go realistic to and say the same thing. I hope by the time that goes live they drop AT&T

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I’d like 17 year old tech genius Matteo to be at my beck and call, to repair the gadgets I already own.

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@gailcalled: The 21st century equivalent of a pool boy, perhaps?

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My own little Matrix to play in.

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@cprevite: If I could get all my tech stuff working at once and the snow melted, I might consider it. However, his dad and uncle are friends of mine, so I would probably reject the idea, sadly.

What was the movie in which Nick Nolte played a down and out tramp and ended up first falling in the pool and then the owner, played by Bette Midler? It was “Boudu Saved From Drowning” in the 1932 French film.

Imdb to the rescue: Down and out in Beverly HIlls

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a palm pilot
everytime Im close to having one, I just spend the money I saved on something else.
I think im never going to buy it

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LURVE! Why pick one when you can have it all?

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I would also really like a Kindle.

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@SuperMouse add that to my list.

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I want that, too.

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I want to own and learn to fly a microlight. It’s actually cheaper than I expected so could happen one day, but it’s still not cheap, so won’t be any time soon!

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A screening room. Or a four-season swimming pool. Or both.

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