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If your body is in starvation mode, what's a good first thing to eat?

Asked by remambermee (442points) October 11th, 2010

When I get hungry and have no time for a meal, I tend to snack on like vending machine foods. I don’t want to resort to that anymore since that can cause weight gain. What’s a good first snack and first thing to eat in general?

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Almonds or walnuts are good. Get them out of the baking section and not the ones that are salted and roasted.

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cereal or fruit.

if however when you say “starvation mode” you mean your body has started to digest your internal organs to feed the brain, then, lard.

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If you are looking for something to curb a sugar craving I would go with Raw Honey (not the kind in the bear). Honey is a whole food and a natural sugar so your body can digest it easier.

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Breakfast. Literally: break-fast.

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First, try not to let yourself get so hungry that you will reach for anything.

Pack small snacks to have throughout the day.

A handful of nuts as @WestRiverrat suggested, string cheese or any kind of cheese cut in pieces. With a handful of crackers.

Or peanut butter with a handful of crackers.

A piece of fruit will give you instant energy if you are really starving. Try an apple or a banana.

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Juice and protein powder smoothies with fruit.

I’m addicted to Banana protein powder and orange/pineapple juice. :-)

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Oops…for on the go, at work, etc., what everyone else says! lol

Dried fruits are great also.
Raisens, cranberries, etc.
Dried Apricots and a handful of almonds/walnuts would be a great little meal!

Celery with almond or peanut butter is awesome too and beef jerky if you eat meat.

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Fruit :)

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Fruit, or some cereal. Like, corn flakes, or a combo of milk and some kind of cookies.

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I love some cashews or a banana when I’m really starving. That, or a granola bar with some yogurt.

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I use a pleasant chocolate-flavored whey powder. Add water, shake, throw in an ice cube and carry around in a glass jar. You can fiddle with this…some instant decaf coffee crystals, a
T of peanut butter, banana slices or a few strawberries.

Here’s on decent brand:

Trader Joe’s carries an organic brand also.

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Make yourself up some GORP.
Start with some dried fruit, nuts and Chex cereal. Then add whatever you like that is not prone to spoiling. Package it in pint size ziploc bags and store them in the freezer.

There are about as many recipes as there are people, so just do a search on GORP.

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Fruit is good and relatively inexpensive. Remember that the important thing about eating is to get nutrients and if you are in starvation mode, fruits would provide you with lots of vitamins and minerals.

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All these suggestions are great, but if by “no time for a meal” you meant simply starving after skipping a meal, that’s not considered starving. But oh well, you could have meant something else.

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Think “breakfast”—breaking the fast. Eggs, light breads, maybe fish, bagels and cream cheese. Dairy. Like a good brunch.

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Edit; whey powder is a good and quick source of protein.

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chocolate bar…

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My favorite breakfast every work day is a big glass of V8 juice at home, followed by a nice-sized piece of extra-sharp cheddar cheese at work, cut up into bite-sized bits and allowed to warm up ‘just so’ to add to the bite and smoothness, followed by a nice, fresh and really crispy Granny Smith apple. It’s a great combination of liquid / vegetable, fats and dairy in the cheese, and a great ending with the fruit to help freshen my breath and add a bit of bulk.

I almost wish I were working today; I’m hungry now.

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