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How can I prevent bugs from coming inside?

Asked by jm5225 (253points) October 11th, 2010

I just moved into a new apartment and I keep finding alot of outside bugs coming in. The apartment is very old so there are plenty of cracks and things for them to get in i’m sure. I am finding things like house centipedes and spiders, nothing else really. I bought some home defense stuff at lowe’s and sprayed EVERYTHING I could that seemed like a entry way for bugs. This stopped things for about a week or so but slowly I am noticing them creeping in again.

I am not sure if the weather change getting cold has a part to do with it but what would be some effective ways to keep them out.

The spray I used seemed to help alot, it atleast reduced the problem significantly but I want it 100%!

I was thinking about getting some weather stripping for the old windows but I am not sure what else I can do.

Any other effective ways to keep these pests out, it really makes me uncomfortable and not want to live here…

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I don’t have an effective answer for you on this particular Q, but I do have some advice. Read Augusten Burroughs’ memoirs and short stories based on his life. He’s funny as all get-out, and he has the same anti-bug mania that you seem to have. His accounts of how he deals with insect pests in several stories are simply hysterical. You may not get any tips on fighting the critters, but you’ll laugh so hard you might forget that you wanted to in the first place.

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Glue traps and strategic application of bug spray.
Look around for holes. Find people to blame, or at least complain to.

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I thought about glue traps but i’m afraid to see what gets stuck to it, also wouldn’t they just attract them more?

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I used bug spray, too, and it did only seem to last about a week. Maybe we just need to do weekly applications?

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Tack sceening over all the cracks and holes you see and I think weather stripping a great idea.

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A “new apartment” with “bugs”?Really?

Take @Nullo‘s advice and “Find people to blame, or at least complain to.”

Starting with your Landlord!

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Have you thought about cheap insect mesh which you can put up yourself?!!!!!

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Since your in an apartment, I would tell the landlord, and see what they want to do.
But I would also take pictures of all the areas where you think they are coming in from and show the landlord.
Just keep doing what your doing, but you might have to get an exterminator in there.

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If my landlord decided to do nothing about it or said he already exterminated would I be able to get out of my lease because of something like this? Would it be considered that serious of a problem because to me it is very serious, I can’t sleep at night worrying that there are things crawling around me…just not something I feel at ease with.

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I’m terrified of spiders. When I lived in an old apartment, I used chestnuts to keep the spiders away…it worked quite well. The chestnuts have to be raw and uncracked I believe (not roasted/baked/opened). I just put them near any doors/windows that lead outside and under my furniture. It was an “old wives tale” I heard about, something about those type of nuts.

Or, maybe it was just an odd coincidence and I thought it was working so I didn’t look for the little creepy things as much. It made me feel safer anyways

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I’ve always heard that most apartments have bugs and they’re so heavy inside the walls there’s nothing you can do but call the landlord. Forget about it if you live in Texas. It’s hopeless there.

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