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Do house spiders die soon after their eggs hatch?

Asked by Eggie (5893points) August 19th, 2013

In my bathroom there is this house spider that has been there for some time now. She had a very large ball in her web about last week or maybe longer; I wasn’t keeping track I just noticed it every time I go to use the bathroom. Anyhow, presently there are a cluster of little spiders in the web now like brown dots in a group and she just sits there next to them. I was just wondering if she will die soon afterwards, like the one on Charlotte’s Web and how soon after?

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You do realize it will ever be easier to get the little ones than it is right now. They will spread throughout your house in a day. If you don’t mind them, that is fine. But, many people do not like the sight of them crawling everywhere and leaving webs in the cupboards, on your book cases, over the furniture… 10 seconds with the vacuum cleaner will take care of it right now.

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Ohhhhhhhh no!
If that were my bathroom, mom would have been flushed down the toilet weeks ago. lol
I can’t handle spiders. They freak me out.

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Yes, it’s true. Act quickly.

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^^^ Ugh! I meant ” will never be easier to…”
They probably have spread all across the room by now. Oh well.

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I really dont mind them at all. I consider them as natural insect repellents and they are not poisonous, so let them spread out…who cares?!!! Anyway could any of you answer the question?

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Many mother spiders sacrifice their body for the babies to feed on. The wolf spider (not a house spider) carries her babies around with her until they are old enough to fend for themselves.

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