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What is a perfect baby gift?

Asked by hon3y (4points) October 12th, 2010

What gift is perfect for babies that surely will be appreciated.

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Diapers. Lots of them in different sizes.

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Babies don’t really care about much but sleeping, eating, and getting rid of what they ate.

Start a college fund for the kid. When (s)he is old enough to need it, it will be appreciated.

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@Pandora has the absolute best answer. However, I think a lot of parents would agree that onesies are a close second.

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Pee pee pads that go under sheets

Diaper Genie- makes compact, less stinky “sausages” out of diapers.

Containers of babywipes.

Cases of formula.

Baby bottle liners.

Room humifier.

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I got my sister and her husband a nice dinner, a motel room, and a babysitter when my nephew finally came home from the hospital. He was premature and spent his first 5 months in an incubator. By then they needed a break.

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For the baby, some clothes in 9–12 months size (they’ll almost certainly have more than enough early months clothes).

For the mum, chocolate and some trashy magazines.

For the dad, a big smile.

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If it is for a shower, buy stuff off of the registry, get the mom what she requested. If there is no registry, I recommend practical gifts like bottles, onesies, car seat, depending on how much you want to spend.

If you were invited to the hospital when the baby was born and want to present a gift you can go to the supermarket or target and just load up on a package of diapers, A&D ointment, baby shampoo and soap, a few parent magazines for mommy and a cooling gel eye mask for tired eyes, place everything in a pretty gift giving bag.

If you are giving a gift that is for a very special friend or relative that you want yours to stand out and be lasting, you can engrave a silver item, like a small dish or plate with the full name and birth date. Also you can monogram a high quality baby blanket.

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My son just turned two months old yesterday…

Things I appreciated the most/least:

—people who purchased off the registry are wonderful! Please, please, please do this! Trust me, your friend/relative does not need another handmade blanket (not that they aren’t nice). If you want to get something personal (not on the registry), you should accompany the gift with something (at least small) that does come from the registry. Seriously, do this. It will be appreciated.

—If you do purchase an item not off the registry, and it is clothing, it is best to buy something for when the baby is older. As @meiosis mentioned, your friend will get a TON of newborn and 0–3 month clothing. Seriously, I had so much he didn’t even wear half of it. (He was 10 lbs when born so never wore his newborn stuff and was out of 0–3 this week, at 2 months old). Something in 3–6 or 6–9 (or older) is better.

—I personally LOVE slipper socks like this:

—I agree with diapers and wipes. You can never have enough of them, particularly size 2 or 3. Your friend will most likely be prepared for when the baby first comes home (size 1).

—Gift cards for food and casseroles are also nice. My sister, best friend and family all brought us dinner and/or casseroles to put in the freezer. This was really nice. Dominoes gift cards would also come in handy.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I’m already busy. Can’t take on anyone kids right now. :))

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Her/Him favorite toys.

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A perfect baby gift in my opinion toy, flying toys, mickey mouse, cricket kit are best and liked by children.

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