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What is your favorite type of food?

Asked by trogdor_87 (1091points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

Also, list one dish that you like out of your prefered type of food.

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Pad Thai.

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I couldn’t pick just one kind i love them all with the exception of the ones with egg.

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Sweet and sour chicken, anyone?......No?.......More for me then.

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corned beef with cabbage and potatoes

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my favorite food is tacos. yum. ohh and lime jello.

@randy; i would love to join you in eating sweet and sour chicken haha!

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Is beer a food? Either way, I gonna go with beer!

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Chicken fried rice…pretty boring eh?

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I like Italian food such as spaghetti, pizza, and tiramisu.

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