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Do you ever wake up in the middle of a good dream and try to go back to sleep to finish it?

Asked by Alina1235 (373points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

sometimes I am actually able to continue the dream but it takes a lot of concentration and work, but I’m able to do it most of the time. Are you as lucky?

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I wish. I rarely dream as it is, but when I do they never finish. Sometimes thats a good thing though…

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I love dreaming. I’m flying a lot in my dreams. Sometimes I have scary dreams and actually know that I’m dreaming and make myself wake up. I’m a very vivid dreamer they are so real

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Yes. All the time.

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Yes, My dreams are always epic, with massive battles and beautiful landscapes. I got used to being interrupted and waking up with an enourmous… yawn.

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Yes, but to no avail! When I go back to sleep it is usually some “God-Awful Dream”. However, this morning I was having a dream, woke up, then snoozed an even better dream! I have lots of skateboarding dreams, and rarely do I have sex dreams, anymore. Since my wife is pregnant it has been a minute, and I don’t even think about that anymore!

@delirium Yes you try, or yes you do?

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yes i hated that!i just haven’t been dreaming lately, i hate it. anyone know a reason why someone wouldn’t dream? it used to be my favorite part about sleeping.

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omg the sex dreams!!!!!!!!!!
I’m married and definitely NOT a lesbian and have no women tendencies but i totally get it on with girls in my dreams!!!!! That’s crazy cause I wake up totally embarassed

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Its not just you, sweety. Some of the hottest sex dreams that I have are with women.

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LOL delirium. Wonder if we are all closeted lesbians

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This conversation is starting to get hot…... Go on.

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All hot conversations happen in chat. ;)

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I do and can usually switch channels to different dreams if I dont like what is happenning in the current one. I can usually have whatever dream I want, but sometimes I just let them happen. I think I should write them into short stories. Crazy vivid dreams. Sometimes they even have title screens and credits.

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…still to this day, I wonder.. how amazing it would have been if I had that threesome with those two lesbians.. If only my alarm hadn’t gone off.. CURSE YOU ALARM CLOCK!!!

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I wake up all the time in the middle of a good dream. I remember last night, I had a dream where we had to rescue someone or something by going through an underwater tunnel. We were supposed to dive when we heard the song “Cat’s in the cradle..” I heard the line “My child arrived just the other day, came into the world in the usual way…” and then I woke up. It would have made sense if that was my alarm clock, but my alarm clock is “sweet child of mine.” It made me sad because I wanted to swim through the tunnel and save whatever we were saving.

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Yes, interruption of awesome dreams sucks. Sometimes I can reconnect, but since it’s REM sleeptime while the alarm clock is in snooze mode it’s rarely worth the effort – next thing I know, the alarm is going off again. I wonder why it’s so hard to “go back to a dream” but yet so easy to have a recurring nightmare?

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last night I had a dream about cranberry salt I stole from my gramma and I’d was so expensive you had to insure it
also I lived with EVA longoria…..
I’m telling you my mind is one wondering thing…....

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Always because then you know you can get away with anything

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