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West Nile Virus?

Asked by tan235 (877points) October 14th, 2010

When does this virus become less of a threat?
Is it now in October?
So if i’m still being bitten now is there still a chance i can get it?

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West Nile becomes less of a threat as it gets cold, however it is usually still a threat until the second good frost of the season. If you have not had any yet there is still a small cause for concern.

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I think “threat” is a relative term here. The information from @Rarebear‘s link indicates that there have only been 23 deaths from West Nile Virus reported so far this year, and though having a “neuroinvasive disease” doesn’t sound like all that much fun either, that’s only 366 cases. Not something I plan on losing a whole lot of sleep over.

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I would not worry, unless you are feeling sick right now. Be prudent, dusk is the time mosquitos are out in large numbers. Cover your arms, legs, and feet with clothing and shoes, or use repellent in areas not covered.

If I remember correctly you can’t get it twice, just like measles, and I always figure I probably had a mild case and can’t get it anymore. I have no idea if that is true, and I have no idea if I ever had a case, but I have had 20 bites at once every few years or so, when I have been stuck outside unprepared, the mosquitos love me, and thinking that helps me to not worry.

It’s stasitically very unlikely to get. You shouldn’t be paranoid about it. Just like I said take reasonable precautions. Besides, who wants to itch for a week anyway.

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