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What does it take for you to go to the doctor and/or vet?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26834points) October 14th, 2010

Just as it says.

At what point do you decide that you or your pet needs medical attention?
I notice this trend over the last several years, where absolutely everything needs to be addressed by a physician or a veterinarian. I’m not saying it is bad, I’m just not one of those people. Then again, I lived for many years without health coverage… so I think you learn to get along pretty well without a doctor under those circumstances.
What is it for you? What symptoms would you or your pet have to be showing in order to get to a doctor?

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I tend to take my pet more readily than myself. I have had a sore back for weeks, and just recently consulted my physician. I took my dog the minute he seems to have some sort of infection on his back.

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My pet I will take in immediately if I see there is something I cannot help.
As for myself,I have had some weird flu thing for about 3 weeks and haven’t been yet.

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@noelleptc I’ll be the first to admit that my pets get medical care before I do. I guess because I feel so responsible for them, and I know that they can’t help themselves.. like I can. I don’t run them to the vet for every little thing, I’ll admit. And I’d probably get flack for it from most people. However, anything having to do with their eyes.. they always go straight to the vet. Eye issues make me nervous. Not to mention that I can’t imagine it isn’t painful for the poor babies.

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@noelleptc awww, that is too sweet!

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If I notice a marked difference in behavior, eating habits, etc. I will call my vet unless it is a known issue and I am sure of the cause.

If I have no explanation, am at a loss and my pet is suffering, even mildly I will call a veterinarian and follow their advice.

I’d rather my pet have a couple days diarrhea and a bill for $100 than have a dead friend because of my own hesitation.

With my kitten I am especially cautious. Depending on the species animals won’t show pain or illness until it’s too late for them to cope. You need to be vigilant and learn what their body is showing you because they can’t speak for themselves.

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I don’t have a pet, so I will talk about myself and my husband, because generally I decide when one of us goes to the doctor. If something is weird, like a weird pain, or a bump, generally I say wait a week, see if it goes away.

If it is accute pain, I would only wait a couple of hours, unless it was something I thought could be very dangerous, or would needed emergency medical attention possibly, then I would go right away. Emergency room is different than going to the doctor to me. If I thought it was appendix, heart attack, stroke, then those are ER.

But, back to the doctor. Many things I would see if it clears on its’ own as mentioned at the beginning of my answer. Other things I might self treat and see how that goes if I can make a pretty good guess what is wrong and OTC medication can help. Also, maybe give it a week or two depending on the thing, before seeking a doctor.

Then there are things I would not bother to go to the doctor for ever, including a cold, the flu (unless it suddenly gets much worse or lasts more than a week without getting any better) random muscle aches and pains, headaches (unless it is much more severe than usual, like scary severe, lasts for a long time, or is accompanied by other syptoms).

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Normally I wait as long as I can and try everything I can think of on my own first to take care of whatever is wrong. That way, when I go in to the doctor, I can already tell him what hasn’t worked up to then.

Now that I’m pregnant, it’ll be a bit different because I have some risks with this pregnancy due to the reversal in May and complications with my son.

When I had pets, I always took them immediately.

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@noelleptc If it is the first 48 hours he is sick and I work with your cousin, I’m glad he is home. I don’t want to catch something from my coworker.

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most of my life has been sans health insurance. It does seem however, the moment I do get health coverage stuff happens to me. Also you tend to get better care when you are a g.o.m.e.r. They aren’t going to do expensive procedures and they stick straight to the basics. I do believe in the med profession when they know you are a money pit (covered), they will tend to milk the situation for all they can get. My animals get the best care and food I can afford. My money gets a better return that way too.

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@noelleptc Does he feel sick with 99? Many people are 99 normally. I feel sick at 99, buy I run around 97.8 normally.

Your mom is right by the way. All the ER cares about, is that you don’t die on their watch. The ER is for emergencies, it is not a doctor’s office.

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I have one thing to amend about my answer. When I say wait a week or two, that is to make the call to schedule an appointment. It might be weeks until I get to see the doctor.

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I go when there’s peer pressure to go. That is to say, when people start shooting me dirty looks for being too lazy to get myself treated and stop spreading the infection.

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I kinda have to go to the doctor for anything out of the ordinary and I go regularly anyway. I have a lot of medical issues. =\

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If I’m really sick, then I will go see a doctor after having tried to cure myself first.
As for my pet. I will take him if he shows some sign of illness. Since he can’t tell me if he has just a tummy ache because he ate to fast, then I will take him in. Plus he gets his regular shots and check up twice a year.
For myself, my moto is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
Had too many quack doctors send me home with crap that only made me worse or they gave me lame meds at first so I would come in for a second or third visit before they would give me stuff that really works. Even if I told them its something that didn’t work before they would try to come up with some excuse as to why this time it would be different.

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I only go to the doctor when I don’t know what troubles me, or else I can’t fix it on my own. That, and for checkups.

So far, it’s worked out pretty well. I’ve only sought treatment perhaps three times in six years. Two of those times I went in knowing what was wrong.

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I don’t take chances with my pets, and since they can’t communicate with me effectively about what exactly is bugging them and if it’s serious or not, i take them in, just in case. Fortunately this has barely ever happened, my kitties have usually been very healthy.

I used to go to the doctor for every small little thing long time ago, because i think i was a tad of a hypochondriac. Thank goodness those days are over. I haven’t been to a doctor in years and years. Something has to feel REALLY wrong for me to go to a doctor.

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I’m not a hypochondriac or easily panicked, but most any injury or malady that I’m not familiar with and persists is a good enough reason for me to make an appointment.

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I do the annual doc thing, and when I catch the flu. Now that they have Tamiflu….I can knock out the flu in 12 hours and need to do so as I can’t afford to miss work….EVER! ;)

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@Cruiser you knock out the flu in 12 hours? That is unlikely.

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I go to the doctor when I feel discomfort somewhere that I can’t explain, and that persists for more than a couple of days. If a cold doesn’t go away in a few days, I’ll go to the doctor for that too. I wouldn’t say I go for every small thing, but I do think that getting medical care is one of, if not the most important thing you can spend your money on.

As for my dogs, I’m a little more ready to take them because I can’t always tell how much suffering they’re in, and because they’re both getting up there in years. If a slight limp doesn’t go away after a night of rest, or if they vomit more than a couple of times, I’ll take them. Thankfully, they don’t get sick very often – usually it’s just cuts or pulled muscles from frolicking around, and those I can treat at home.

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@JLeslie Have you ever taken Tamiflu??? I have. I got it 2 years ago and the minute I felt fluish I bolted to the docs office because I had a business trip to go on the next day. I took the first course at noon and woke up fever free…and by afternoon I was symptom free!! That stuff really works!!

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I never have and don’t plan to. If I remember correctly on average it shortens flu symptoms by two days, so to be better in 12 hours doesn’t sound like the norm, but anything is possible.

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Vet bills can be as much or more than human doctors. My cat gets colds once in awhile. I called my vet and told her his symptoms and asked if there was anything I could safely give him without bringing him in. She gave me the name of a child’s liquid cold medication and the dosage, and I just took care of it with no cost. When in doubt, call your vet and tell him/her your pets symptoms and that money is an issue. Usually they will tell you honestly if the pet really needs to come in or not.

For myself, I only go to the doctor if I am really sick. Really bad cold that might be broncitis or pneumonia, or possible bladder infections. I only see her once every couple of years. I’m not a big “doctor” person.

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Pissing blood, crapping blood, a bone sticking out gushing blood, or crippling chest pains….the rest…eh.

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