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Why in the world would anyone get their uvula pierced?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 15th, 2010

I was just looking at facial piercings on wikipedia and saw people actually get their uvula pierced. Why? No one can see if and there a chance you’ll swallow it and/or choke on it. Someone enlighten me.

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and just when I think I’ve heard everything. I bet that was a most pleasant experience they’ll not regret . ha. and with turkey day coming up?

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Haha, me too

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Well, I suspect it is for the same reason that some people get their tongues pierced. It’s for enhancement of “oral pleasure”.

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total insanity and attention seeking IMO. bad decision.

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Wouldn’t you feel like throwing up when they pierce you? How do they pierce it?

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I once asked a girl with a tongue piercing “why?” and she told me that it enhanced the experience for her boyfriend.

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^^^^^^ @YoBob How nice. I guess she brings him his slippers, too.

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^^^^^^^ God. It’s getting worse, isn’t it. yeah, stab me in the back of my tongue with a needle, clip a ring on it, I don’t mind gagging, choking and bleeding. Maybe he’ll complain about it afterwards.
Such brilliance; I’m impressed!

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It behooves ya to use yer uvula as God intended, without embellishment.

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Uvula’s guess as good as mine.

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Piercings are getting weirder and weirder. I’m sure at some point, a question like “Why would anyone pierce their navel/nipple/tongue/genitals??” People want to be different from everyone else, so they get more creative with their body modifications. Sooner or later, it’s all going to get accepted.

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Everyone’s got a weird fetish whether they’d like to admit it or not, some people like weird piercings, but who am I to judge. It floats their boat, and I guess that all that matters..He’s not hurting anybody, let them do what ever makes their little hearts happy.
Besides, I have weird piercings too. And I love them regardless of what people think:)

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