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Can I backup the data of my cell phone via this device?

Asked by yefeng605 (1points) April 1st, 2008

I am going to be up for a cell phone upgrade at the end of the month…and I want to make sure when I pull my SIM card out of this phone that all my numbers come with it..
And today,just now I come across this device called “SIM Card Backup Reader Device 32KB”
,it is said to can backup the data of any sim card,I just want 2 affirm the truth,I wont 2 be compunctious untill it does not work.
Has anybody ever used such device?Any suggestion?

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Yep this should work, Just make sure while your swapping your SIM cards you don’t loose the battery on the device because this will wipe the memory!

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I used something like this, except it was for the computer and plugged in USB, worked well too.

@yefeng605 Why do u need this device anyway? Is it just a back up? cause it sounds like you think that when you stick your old SIM card into your new phone your numbers will be erased, this is not the case, they will be safe and all there unless you saved all your contacts to your phone and not your SIM card.

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