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Anyone know where to get a single, plain usb button?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) August 16th, 2010

All the USB buttons I can find online either have a logo or are only available in bulk, like this:


I saw a suggestion of getting an arcade button and rigging it – but that’s a bit ambitious for me.

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Get one that has a logo and paint over it.

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With ref to the site you enclosed in your question:

It seems that these would only have a print if you order them as such, in bulk.

If you’d ask for a sample, they would have one without a print.

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you can remove logo’s esp the white one with some grease proof paper, then you rub the paper gently with a smooth(er) part of a coin and it lifts it off without damaging the plastic…

but what are you using it for because surly your problem is where the software on the button is going to rout you to?! unless they say you can change this yourself with some software?!

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