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Do you know a good desktop/blackberry program to organize passwords?

Asked by delta77 (196points) October 16th, 2010

I currently use an excel spreadsheet for all my passwords and usernames – any suggestions for a password software program to hold my passwords? A desktop client based program (preferably with a blackberry component to sync up with). Do you have any such experience with this type of program?

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If you’re on a mac 1Password is the best, but it doesn’t offer BB sync.

There is lastpass, though which may work. It’s a webapp, essentially so you should be able to access it on your Blackberry.

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Keepass works on beaucoup platforms.

I use the portable version, stored in a Dropbox folder, so it’s synced among all my PCs.

Check this out
KeePass 2.13 (Installer EXE for Windows)
Portable KeePass 2.13 (ZIP Package)
PocketPC Smart Devices KeePass for PocketPC and Smart Devices (1.x and 2.x)
Mobile Website KeePass for J2ME / mobile phones (KeePassMobile)
J2ME Website KeePass for J2ME / mobile phones (KeePassJ2ME)
iPod KeePass for iPhone (iKeePass) (compat. with 1.x)
iPod KeePass for iPhone (MyKeePass) (compat. with 1.x and 2.x)
BlackBerry Website KeePass for BlackBerry (compat. with KeePass 1.x)
BlackBerry Website KeePass for BlackBerry (compat. with KeePass 2.x)
PalmOS Link KeePass for PalmOS (Converter) (also see 2.x To KeyRing)
Linux Link KeePass for Linux / Mac OS X (1.x KeePassX)
PortableApps Logo KeePass 1.x for PortableApps Suite™
PortableApps Logo KeePass 2.x for PortableApps Suite™
USB Stick KeePass 1.15 for U3 Devices
USB Stick KeePass 2.x for U3 Devices
Link KeePass for Preinstalled Environments (PE)
Link KeePass for Android (KeePassDroid)

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i don’t know about the computer part but blackberry comes with a pretty good password keeper… you may be able to sync that to your computer somehow.

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We use Norton Identity Safe on the computer, with access to the computer through the blackberry.

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