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Which voicemail system should we choose for this project?

Asked by toolbelt (5points) March 27th, 2007
We need to set up a voicemail box for about 2 months for users to be able to leave us a voicemail at any time they’d like. We don’t need an actual phone connected – just a number that participants can call (preferably a local number in the 415) and leave a message. We would then dial in to get the messages. Or better yet, it would deliver the messages to us via email as an attachment that we can click on to listen and possibly forward on to others. There are 15 people in the study for one month and they would leave short messages. I’d predict 15 messages each from 15 people at 3 minutes per message on the high end.
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My photography business uses teliax ( to provide voicemail, with an 888# to boot. They have lots of plans, but you can do a prepaid plan that's $5/mo for the phone number (they do have the 415 area code, but they also have toll free numbers at the same price), it'll be $0.02/minute, and they can be set up to e-mail the voicemail to you as a wav file. So if someone leaves you a 3 minute voicemail, it'll be $0.06.

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