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What types of airsoft guns are suitable for what skill levels?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 17th, 2010 from iPhone
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Do you mean type as in gas, electric, or spring? Or do you mean type as in model of the airsoft gun?

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In my personal experience, electric and gas are good for all skill levels, though gas requires more maintenance with the refills and all. Spring I find is really only good for those who just want a little taste of airsoft and don’t want to spend all that much money on it, or for the rare people who like assassination style “kills” which more or less requires the player to practically be a ninja.

As for model of the gun, for starters I recommend any assault rifle or submachine gun model. From there, different players tend to fall into what they personally like, whether it be dual wielding pistols, shotguns, rifle with pistol side arm, etc. TM,CA, G&G, and Systema are probably the top brands in airsoft, I highly recommend getting a gun of one of these four brands (note: Systema is expensive as hell, G&G will probably be the best for your buck).

Or you could do what I did, and just borrow a gun from a friend and just go out to have a good time.

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(Although my answer differs from Winters I still agree with him) From my experience when you are just starting to airsoft a simple spring powered pistol, shotgun, or rifle is fine. However spring weapons are generally only used for backyard games, and maybe backups at larger organized events. I have been playing for 10 years now and the only spring weapon I still use is a high powered bolt action sniper rifle. Once you start going to bigger games and know what your preferred fighting style is (Assault, Scout, Team Leader and so on) you should look at buying a weapon that is an AEG Automatic Electric Gun, or a Gas powered airsoft gun which functions much like a paintball gun. Dependable models of these guns are generally priced between $200 and $400 USD. And any expensive airsoft guns as my team discovered early on require much more maintenance than any real firearm, so if you buy one I recommend you expect to have it worked on by a pro or figure out its insides and buy aftermarket parts yourself. Basically airsoft guns under $100 dollars are great for beginners and airsoft guns above $200 are decent for mid to advanced airsofters. That is the best way I could think to explain it I hope it was helpful.

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