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Are airsoft guns bad for the environment?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 17th, 2010 from iPhone
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Yes in the sense that the plastic bb’s could be swallowed by wildlife and potentially do some harm to them, no when it comes to the toxicity of the environment unlike lead bullets which are actually toxic for the environment which is why the US Army now uses a steel slug with a copper coating for most personnel firearms.

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Whoops, read the question wrong.

Airsoft guns are not environmentally harmful enough to actually cause any problems. @Winters is mostly right. Some animals could probably choke on the bbs, but I’ve never heard of this happening, and the bbs are supposed to be biodegradable.

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yeah, i just buy biodegradables most of the time…. I mean… its 3 extra bucks…. who cares? plus, its better for everyone, cuz then i dont have to clean em up! :D

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Are airsoft guns bad for the environment? No, the only real “green” problem in an airsoft gun is the battery; and even then only if said battery is disposed of improperly. Are airsoft bbs bad for the environment? Technically yes, because they are plastic which takes decades to decay and they are NEVER picked up and reused by any airsofter who knows whats good for his/her weapon. I play at many airsoft fields in the States and some only allow the use of biodegradable bbs which are of no harm to the environment. And for the fields that allow normal bbs, how much plastic is really going into the ground? on average airsofters shoot around 1000 bbs each at a single day-long game. and the majority of airsofters use .20 gram bbs. When the math is done you decide. I hope this was informative :D

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