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Why does the saying, "When it rains, it pours" exist. Do you find it to be true?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (787points) October 18th, 2010

The past few years of my life have felt like a roller coaster. It seems like when the roller coaster is flying up the tracks everything just keeps getting better, but when I am on that downward spiral it seems as if everything keeps getting worse. I thought about the saying, “When it rains, it pours” and thought to myself, “Hmm, is this saying so popular in society because bad things tend to occur in chunks, and then good things follow in chunks, or is it just our_perception_ of what is going on?” It would be crazy to think that there is some aura about life that causes a “series” of bad or good things to happen in phases.

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Yeah, that or trouble all comes in three’s as my Granny used to say!

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I think it’s a coincidence that sometimes it seems as if “anything that can go wrong, does” and it all comes at you at once. and it is or was on the Morton Salt box.

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Yes I find it to be true in my life, because when one crisis happens, so many follow

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Morton’s Salt never clumps up in damp weather so… Oh, wait. Yeah, when one bad thing happens (or good thing) then similar events tend to follow. I guess a part of it might be attitude, also.

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I compare this saying to the belief that “airplane crashes occur in threes”. if one airplane crashes, two will follow. this has been proven true throughout the years. do not know why.

I believe humans go through cycles in their life of good and bad times. “when it rains it pours”, possibly meaning one bad event will lead to another, until the cycle is broken. how do you break the bad cycle?


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The actual quote is “It never rains, but it pours”, meaning what @mrentropy said. Morton’s Salt Company changed the quote as a play on words for advertising purposes. “When it rains, it pours” was intended to mean that their salt did not clump in humid conditions. It was a twist on the old quote. I think the quote is only used in reference to bad situations occurring in bunches. I’ve never heard it used in a positive way.

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I think it does have to do a little with perception and how you deal with bad luck. You can actually convince yourself of future bad luck and miss out on good opportunities because you expected it to all go wrong.
Confidence goes a long way to bringing in avoiding bad luck.
However, sometimes you are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
If you convince yourself that the next shoe will drop, you will eventually hear one drop.
Also some things are a catalyst for other things.
Lose your job, wife leaves you because she thinks your a bum, you lose your home also as a result and then your children. You start to drink, you are now very much unemployable. It was all bound to happen.

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Everything has a crescendo.

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If it’s true that “luck” is the meeting of preparation and opportunity (meaning “good luck” is that), then “bad luck” can be considered to be the meeting of poor preparation and “the thing you were unprepared for”. So if you think you have “bad luck”, it’s probably because today you forgot your umbrella, and now it’s not just raining, but it’s pouring out. Had you been prepared with the umbrella, then it would be “just another rainstorm” and who would care how hard it’s coming down? But you, being unprepared, see it as “pouring”.

It happens in all kinds of ways. You forgot to fill the car with gas, and now it’s late on Sunday night, you’re out in the boondocks, and you’re out of money, too. None of those things would have been a problem: “late Sunday night”, “out in the boondocks” or “out of money”—but you don’t have gas in the car, so the problem is compounded.

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I find it true; if something is truly bad, it will be so bad that you’ll know.

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To me the universe seems to have a distinct synchronicity to it. Whenever one type of occurrence happens it seems that more often than not the likelihood of related occurrences goes up as well.

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only when it does pour…

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