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Is a Master's degree in Reading easy to get? What can you do with such a degree?

Asked by Aster (19974points) October 18th, 2010

self explanatory question.

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Is that Reading, the activitiy involving books, or Reading, the place?

If it’s the first, can you expand? I always thought reading was a prerequisite for doing a master’s degree.

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thanks; the activity. A Master’s degree in reading.

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I do not believe such a degree exists. Masters or otherwise.

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^^^^^^^^^ ” The thirty credit Master of Education Degree in Reading and Language is designed for candidates who hold either an initial or professional teaching license in Elementary Education, English as a second Language, Moderate Disabilities or Early Childhood Education.”

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I think her Bachelor’s degree is in Elementary Ed. And I believe, no I am sure she wants to teach school (elementary)

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Best to be clear that it’s a master’s degree in Education. As a rule, master’s degrees in education are among the least demanding of all graduate programs. You could either just teach regular school, or be a reading specialist working in a “resource room” or some such facility, though not many schools have funding for these specialized teachers anymore.

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Sorry. She just said “Masters in reading” when I asked. I know a bachelors in education is the easiest major.

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She may be asking about a master’s degree in reading education with a type 10 reading specialist certification. In order to get the type 10 cert. you are required to take to state tests and pass them. Just having a Master’s in reading is invaluable when teaching young struggling students in reading. The type 10 cert. will qualify you to teach reading k-12.I hope this helps. I found that Education in Reading Graduate program at the university that I attended was challenging, but oh so worth it. So go for it!

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