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What is your worst source of stress right now?

Asked by JLeslie (63083points) June 28th, 2021

What is weighing on your mind?

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Finding my Ikigai.

Should I save up for university? Even though I failed out twice? After I pay off my bills what’s to stop me from racking up credit again? What do I do with my time? Do I have a mental illness or just leftover teen age angst?

Stuff like that.

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I think mine is obvious to anyone who has read anything from me. But, in addition to that is the worry of where I am gonna end up as far as housing. Yes, there are things I have dragged my feet on applying for. But as buggy as this place may be, it was mine and Darth’s.

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65 % of the adults in my county have nor gotten vaccinated for COVID-19.

Next week or the week after; all new COVID-19 in my county could be Delta variant.

I live in a backward and GOP controlled area in the Southern US ! (They are waiting for Trump to return to in DC in August !)

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I try not to stress about much. About my only real issue now is my boss, trying to pressure me into working more hours. I have told him a dozen times, all I want is my part time 36 hours a week, and no more. I have too many things on my plate at home. Get off of your ever lovin’ ass and HIRE some more people dude.

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Just found out a close friend has a very aggressive form of Cancer and doesn’t have much time,that and we are dealing with a heat wave like we haven’t seen before temps are hitting around a 115f midday and supposed to last for a couple of weeks.

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Currently, the only complaint I can summon up is the ongoing petty feud with the mods. Shows you just how fortunate I really am.

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The heat and the fires it will bring soon here in California. Last year my city in Los Angeles County was on evacuation notice. I’m already thinking about getting my go bag together and my cat carriers in place for easy access. It hurts to think about all the wildlife that gets destroyed in these fires.

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Watching my son trying to buy a house. He currently owns a condo, but the price difference is wildly crazy.

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Mom seems to be handling covid ok, since she had the vaccine, but with so many health issues it’s stressful.
My husband has an upcoming appointment that also has me concerned.

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@KNOWITALL Hope it all works out my friend, please keep us posted. If you need moral support, I’m only a PM away. I have that FB thing goin’ on as well. : ) I’m in and out when rat bastard boss isn’t running me nuts.

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Excessive US medical costs and expenses.

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@Nomore_lockout Thanks, I’m just trying to focus on the positive. Appreciate you!

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People not getting vaccinated, getting sick and dying with Covid.

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@Caravanfan It’s bad again here, too. I’m sorry. Seems that the more incentives and vaccination events, the less people want them.

179 county patients in hospital, only 38.55% vaccinated. 110 average case count 7 days.

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38%?! That is low. Wow.

Edit: Maybe that is just for fully vaccinated and more people have had a first dose. I hope so.

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@JLeslie 12+ years old and fully vaccinated is 38.55%.

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Oh, hold on now. Are all the statistics being thrown around just percentages for people who are eligible and not the total population? I’ve been thinking when they say 38.55% fully vaccinated that it is regarding the entire population of the state, not just people 12 and older.

I’m not clear that the reporting is for the person’s main residence or just where they received a shot. Like in Florida we vaccinate a lot of people who do not live here, so our percentage might be lower than reported, because for instance over 11 million have received their first shot, but what if one million of those people aren’t even in the state most of the year? Like my husband’s cousins were vaccinated in January and they almost never come to Florida, they just came for the shot. All the snowbirds that were vaccinated here, lots of Canadians and people from other states.

Florida is super vaccinated in pockets and then very few people vaccinated in other pockets of the state. I assume all states have some of that going on. I just focus on my corner of the state, because Florida constantly has tourists here who are not vaccinated anyway.

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@JLeslie my state the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) issues info . . . and states, “Adult population . . . . ”

Oh my county is 35.5 % fully vaccinated for ADULTS . . . that is 18 years old and above. Delta variant is coming !

It is not going to be pretty.

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My current source of stress is my DIL being out of work. They can’t afford their apartment without her income, and we have been making up the difference.

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Watching my wife allow herself to become stressed out daily over family and friends. I understand this may be considered normal behavior among people…especially family…but my wife takes stress medication. It doesn’t make sense to me that she willingly exposes herself to people that add to the stress that causes her discomfort.

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Finding a Dr that will treat me for schitzomiasis. Labs come back negative here in the US. I strongly believe the govt is not allowing the labs to truly be what they are. It’s clear to see what I have but with negative labs no treatment. Help

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Schistosomiasis, also known as bilharzia, is a disease caused by parasitic worms. Although the worms that cause schistosomiasis are not found in the United States, people are infected worldwide.

Have been outside the USA ?

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