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What to bring in a carry-on bag for a trip from Minnesota to Colorado?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5624points) October 18th, 2010

I’m going on a trip with my friend’s family next week, from Minnesota to Colorado. How long would this trip take? Any little things that make flying a ton easier for you?

This is my first plane trip, so any tips in general for flying would be greatly appreciated. For that matter, tips for life in Colorado after we land would be awesome too.

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Weather shouldn’t be that different, which makes it easier. Layer with light clothes…in a lightweight bag. Keep it simple, very simple. One great outfit for social events…don’t labor over it, just enjoy.

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Just don’t stress out that much. All the small stuff can be bought there. If you forget a toothbrush you can buy a new one when you land.

For the flight I would just bring a small blanket (I always get cold on planes) and a iPod or a book. The flight should only be a few hours.

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Depends on where in Colorado, but in general – layer, layer, layer. The weather changes a lot from morning to noon to evening to overnight – and this is one of those times of year when you can go from one extreme to another in just hours. The sun is warm, wind is cold. You want to be able to adjust clothing easily.

Drink water, both on the plane and when you get to Colorado, especially if you are at a much higher altitude than you are used to. You can get dehydrated without feeling thirsty here, and you will feel much better if you stay hydrated. Also, expect to feel a little tired – it’s a common reaction to the altitude. Cut yourself some slack, and don’t plan to go full tilt the whole time you’re here.

And enjoy! It’s beautiful, pretty much anywhere you go in Colorado! The leaves are mostly gone up where I live at 8700 ft, but lower down there is still some GORGEOUS color! The mountains are starting to get their snow back – it’s just beautiful! Have fun!

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Be prepared before going through security. All liquids in 3 oz. or smaller containers, and all in a quart zip lock. Wear shoes that you can take off and put on easily since they’ll be scanned (makes it comfy on the plane too).

After security but before boarding, grab a sandwich or snack for the plane.

Your flight will be about two hours long. Have a great trip!

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Dress comfortably, and wear shoes that are easy to take on and off.

Make sure you have the essentials before you leave – ID and wallet. Anything else, you can buy or go without. Printing out your boarding pass or checking in online the night before your flight can also save some time and worry.

If you’re bringing a backpack or purse on the plane, make sure it zips completely closed.

Keep some gum on you so you can chew it if your ears get uncomfortable while taking off or landing.

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wear a coat rather than packing it. and once you land, drink a ton of water. you can never drink too much water out here. it’s the altitude. and i only live at 5300 feet. also, plz bring a camera, it is beautiful.

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