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Do you ever think that maybe you'll be one of those people?

Asked by tearsxsolitude (549points) October 18th, 2010

Do you ever think about what will happen when you die? I don’t mean like heaven and afterlife stuff. I mean like, do you think you’ll be remembered or do you think you’ll be forgotten after a few weeks? I think about this a lot. My death wouldn’t have some huge effect on the world. People would go, “oh that’s so sad, she was so young”, maybe cry and then life goes on and I’m forgotten. There are a sh*t load of people in this messed up world and I’m only one person…know one cares. Do you ever think like this? What do you think will happen to you?

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‘Bout the same as you. At most, it’s fifteen minutes of fame. Occasionally, someone ‘may’ remember you. But, that’s about it. But, that’s okay…that’s life.

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I’ll be forgotten by most, that’s if I’m even noticed to begin with.
However, those few who know me, whether they love or hate me, will certainly remember me.

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@MissA Kinda sad though you know? Like what’s the point of living if your not benefiting the world in any way? It’s kind of an existential way of thinking, but it makes sense. I’m only 17 so if I were to do something drastic I’d deffinately try my hardest to make life its best, but…

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What do you mean by drastic?

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If we do deeds on the basis of recognition, then those deeds are self-serving…therefore, in my opinion, they don’t really count. I understand that, at your age, it seems pointless, but it’s not. And, I don’t really think that I could adequately explain for a few years.

Think about it…YES. But, don’t dwell upon it. Live your life, my dear, with the greatest of gusto.

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@MissA I’m really trying and I really want to help people. That’s part of what drives me. I want to help kids in foster care and be a social worker. I’m trying really hard to see a purpose it’s just hard when the world is a mess. It’s so messed up that it’s impossible to fix. Have you seen some of the pictures of the children in Africa?! It’s crazy. Thanks tons by the way.

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My main goal is to live so that people will remember me. I had a wonderful friend when I was younger that died when she was 14. She’s the main reason that I live this way. Everybody needs a person like that in their lives.

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My family will remember me. That’s all that matters.

I’ve had to think about death quite a bit lately. We have had three friends lose a young adult son within the past three months. One died from injuries in Afghanistan (age 19), one died from an overdose (age 19) and one fell 25 ft. off a barn while helping a friend paint the roof (age 29). We keep their obituaries in our kitchen as reminders. These young men died too young, and they need to be remembered. It is really hard for me because I have two sons that are 16 and 18. I can’t imagine what my friends are going through. I feel so bad for them.

If you touch just one person, you will be remembered. Isn’t that enough?

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@jonsblond That’s horrible, I’d be devestated. I’m very sorry for your losses and I hope that things get better for you and your friends.

It is, but…you know when you see a dead racoon on the side of the road. What do you think when you see it?

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@tearsxsolitude A dead raccoon on the side of the road is not the same as a person dying. I’m 52 and when I was 25 I lost my boyfriend to suicide and I still remember him to this day. I don’t dwell on him, but at times I think of him. People really never leave the lives they have touched.

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My main goal in life is to have a book written about me, and at the very least, a wikipedia article.

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@chyna But it is the same thing. Most people will look at that racoon and think “Ewww” or MAYBE “Awww”, no one thinks about the life that was lost. Or that maybe it had a family that’s wondering where it is. No one thinks about a person like that either. Murder is so common that people don’t even flinch when it’s on the news or the radio. Maybe it’s not so much the idea of not being remembered as much as it is that life is so undervalued that it’s killing people.

I’m really sorry about what happened to your boyfriend.

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I’ve not given it much of a thought since I was, well about your age or earlier. I bought and paid for my independence and life thereafter up until now and it’s been worth the tears. I created a dorky motto for myself years ago that says, one hit can heal nine misses, the odds seem to roll that way.

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I wouldn’t think so, but if I am going to be, it’ll probably not be in a good way.

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Most people I know will get over my absence quickly but there is at least 4 people including my 2 sons who I know will forever miss me greatly as they will always be reminded by those little things in life that meant so much to us. Then there are 8 people at work who will be “HS now what do we do” and be very unhappy with me!!!???

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I keep telling myself that I still have time to do something that will get me remembered. But it is looking increasingly unlikely. My family will remember me, of course. There’s a pretty good chance they will remember me more appreciatively than angrily. Friends and co-workers will also remember me for a while. But no one I don’t know will remember me. As far as I can tell, I have no reputation outside of the people who know me personally.

Of course, I’ll be dead, so none of it will matter to me. It is only while I am alive that I can measure my life by this standard, and if I decide I want that standard to be something I havve not yet reached, then that’s the way it is. It doesn’t have to be that way, but I choose to want to do something important enough that people I don’t know will know and appreciate me.

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This is my next tattoo and how I view this issue…
“The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”
Matsuo Basho

my children and those I touch are my flowers.

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Why do you care if people you don’t know remember you, unless you have done something amazing that you think deserves recognition?

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Back years ago, our mayor was going to build a new police building and needed a name for it. he called in the Executive Committee of our police union and asked for suggestions. i wrote Criminal Justice Center on a piece of paper and gave it to him. he selected my suggestion and its on the outside of our new building. each time my wife and i pass by, she looks over and says “you named that building and will always be remembered for it”. i feel proud.

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