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Do you have any funny sedation/anesthesia/pain med stories?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 18th, 2010 from iPhone

I know I acted goofy coming to from my wisdom teeth, I bonded with the nurses and sobbed after my tonsils, and claimed to be a lava lamp while in labor.

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I had IV Demerol and twenty minutes later my son was born. While we waited, I sang Whiter Shade of Pale. Nobody will tell me straight out, as I generally have a fair singing voice, but I’m now convinced that I was horribly off-key.
I sang even more when I had my youngest daughter. I alternated between Pearl Jam and Janis Joplin. I had an epidural with a lovely narc cocktail. Hell yeah, jam that needle in my spine and keep it coming.

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Not funny haha, but after my wisdom teeth were pulled, the Tylenol A made me really high. I’ll never forget that feeling – like Coke – no pain, no sleep, everything is fine and dandy – everyone is beautiful and TV was fantastic – every single show that day.

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I was at the Dentist’s and I got a little too much pain killer… I reached for the cup of water left for me and I fell on the ground I woke up to a surprised nurse and dentist…back on the chair… with a wet compress on my head… and I don’t know If they gave me first aid…. I got my dental work for free that day

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When I broke my arm they gave me laughing gas at the hospital before they reset the bone. I was about 13 at the time and the young attractive nurse who gave me the anesthetic had a very baggy shirt on. Being the 13 year old boy I was, it was quite possibly the best thing I had had experienced to that date.

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One time during some dental surgery I had some pretty far-out dreams. I dreamed that enough blood came out of my mouth to fill the room waist-deep, then me, the dentist and the nurse were all shrunk down to an inch high and we were using a little steel surgical bowl as a boat.

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I was in Japan, and while riding a bicycle at speed down a hill, got hit by a car. This girl looked out the car window directly at me and then proceeded to pull out, in an illegal u-turn, and run over me. Not unlike this, but on a bicycle.

Rental car, temporary driver’s license, from out of town, about 15yo – but she gave me a ride to the hospital, so it was OK. She almost killed multiple people on the way there, which literally made me laugh uncontrollably out loud because since she looked directly at me, just before she ran me over, I knew in my heart that she had done it on purpose – but then realized on the way to the hospital that she must have not been wearing her contacts or something.

I will never in my life forget the unemotionalness of her demeanor.

I had an “Internal Reduction” surgery for the collar bone. They put me out for the surgery but I was a very lean 250 and the amount of drugs they gave me to knock me out just didn’t cut it, and at one point I spasmed and remember jumping up off the gurney and running, having about 5 doctors and nurses tackle me and hold me down on the floor like I was some horse. I didn’t know what was happening – I woke up to “hot lights and cold steal.”

After.. (being a 6’5” athletic white guy – hard to explain the contrast) the nurse rotation was intriguing. I was there for a few days and quite the talk of the town. The pain killers they gave were hard-core, and suppositories. There was one nurse (the one I had a complete crush on – the REALLY hot one – manager type, everyone else was in deference to her – but a “Nurse Ratchet” type) tried to come up and administer the pain killer. She wanted me to roll over and for her to stick the suppository in. It’s quite hard to explain how hilarious this was for about a week of me denying various hot astute and quite serious Asian nurse women to stick a painkiller up my ass, and then me laughing out loud time and again and taking it and doing it myself. It must have been a game with them, who would be the first one to nail me. I would wake up with young Asian women lifting up my skirt trying to administer. It was hilarious.

I remember waking up before the surgery and shamelessly coming on to a nurse like I was on ecstasy or something.

To this day I have a bunch of those suppositories. They are – trust me – the ultimate hangover relief. When you know you’re worthless and in pain from a hangover – and then debauch yourself for relief – that is somehow the ultimate in “truth”.

The Japanese company I worked for ended up suing the girl’s insurance company and getting me a few years salary – however, later while mountain biking I broke the bone again (a couple times actually) and have had complications with it ever since.

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@ipso Years ago, I was going to the golf course after church, and ran through a railroad crossing and the train was visable to my left prior to crossing the tracks, never saw it until i got on the tracks….missed me about 10 feet or so. So, she could have been looking at you and never seen you…if she was deep in thought. Glad everything turned out good….

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Most of my sedation experiences were not fun experiences though I do remember the incredible high I got off of sodium pentothal I got when I had my wisdom teeth removed and my poor mom leading me out of that Dr’s office high as a kite!! Hooo Boy I was GONE and chatting up a storm with every passer by!!

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Whilst in hospital recovering from a urinary infection after having a kidney stone removed, I was dosed up to the eyeballs on Phenobarbital…when a friend came to visit me in hospital apparently I told them that I’d been to their house & mowed the gardens back & front & erected the garden shed that had been delivered.. An amazing feat, considering I hadn’t left the hospital in three weeks! :-/

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Years ago, when she was a younger lady, my Grandmother didn’t realise that she couldn’t drink alcohol while taking the medication she was on.

She ended up falling head first into a dustbin after she claims one drink!

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Many years ago, my Mom was wheeled into the surgery room. She was already under anestesia, and she saw a cabinet that was marked “Think before opening”, and my mom told the doctor “I would think that goes without saying!”

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As I was being put under for some outpatient surgery, I wasn’t feeling sleepy and was telling them this. As it finally hit me, they told me I said “Ohhhhh, here it comes. Party on, dudes.”

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In 2006, had my left hip replaced… upon awakening from anesthesia, asked the nurse if she knew how to pick cotton!!!

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It was colonoscopy, of all things. I’d been prepped, and an IV in my arm, and in walks the surgeon to administer the sedative. Oh my God! She was Arabic and positively gorgeous. I started asking her a few questions about her experience—she had done 3000 colonoscopies by that time, so I figured I was in good hands.

But as the anesthesia kicked in, I think I got more and more flirty. I hope I didn’t say anything too fresh, although I bet she was used to it. She was soooo hot.

Although, hot as she is, I still don’t want to rush the next colonoscopy.

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I took a bit of gas when I was in labour and I had a small trip, just seconds long. The music coming over the loud speaker (piped in music meant to relax you and it had a few different settings for choice) skipped, like a CD skips, for about 10 seconds and I could hear the nurse and my husband saying a few words to eachother…. then the music stopped skipping, and I heard the nurse say exactly what I had heard her say over the skipping music and I said…. ‘Wow, I knew you were going to say that!’........ She turned down the mix of gas and air.

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In surgery, with headphones with music (had heard you “take in” what the medical staff around you says, and some of it can be negative), but I started “conducting” the music and moving around too much so they took it away. I have no memory of that! :)

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I had very recent surgery and apparently “woke” as they were changing the IV bag afterward. The nurse told me I looked at him, said “No more for me, thanks, I’m full.” giggled hysterically and went back to sleep.

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thanks @BoBo1946

I suppose this should be posted here.

“I this going to be forever?”

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@ipso lmao….....that is precious! And, understand your jest!

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It’s not terribly funny, but I’d been in so much pain for 19 hours into labor, that when the anesthesiologist came in to stick the needle in my back, I purred for him. Then when it started to kick in just a minute later, I started banging on my legs as hard as I could exclaiming “I can’t feel anything! This is great!” and told the anesthesiologist that I loved him. Then I looked up and told everyone (my whole family was there) that they could stay and party but I was going to sleep. Best 2 hour nap of my life.

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I was undergoing eye surgery under MAC [monitored anesthesia care] and I came to consciousness enough to hear the doctors chatting about cars and children and making jokes while they were operating on me. I was very mildly offended that they weren’t concentrating solely on me. It was a real eye-opener [so to speak]

@noelleptc A lava lamp? Is there more to this story?

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