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I burned the roof of my mouth, what will help it?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 18th, 2010 from iPhone

I put a spoonful of hot soup in and instantly got a blister on the roof of my mouth. That’s never happened to me. The skin peeled off and now it’s swollen and throbbing. Help :(

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The only thing that I know that will help it is time. Some of the topical anesthetics like Orajel™ might help, but I’ve never used them. Mouth pain is something I experience pretty regularly, because I’m impatient to eat food that’s often too hot. It’ll only be painful for a day or so.

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suck on an ice cube. If you have some Cloraseptic throat spray or something similar, that should help with the pain too.

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Time. Give it a couple of days and it will be back to normal.

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That happened to me last week with a cup of hot coffee. Like @bob_ said, only time will really help. In the meantime avoid anything hot because your mouth will be sore. It took about two days for my mouth to return to normal.
Some honey may help soothe it a little.

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If it turns into a canker sore shine a red laser light on it for 30 seconds. (Just a laser pointer works.)

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i have always found BC powders to work well with minor burns. It tastes nasty if you do it wrong but it works.

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Advice for the future: as soon as you put something too hot in your mouth take a mouth full of cold water and hold it for a few seconds in your mouth to cool the area. Repeat two more times. Do not put ice directly on the area, ice water is ok. This stops the burn at the moment, can prevent it from getting serious. This is true for any part of your body, if you burn your hand, place in or under very cold running water, not ice, not butter. Cold water several minutes to hours after might sooth it, but it won’t prevent the burn like applying it right away will.

As for now, your burn sounds like it was very extreme, I am not sure at this point what you should do topically. I think Tylenol would help and it would be safe to take. Also, not hot foods for a day or two. Also, the good news is the mouth is one of the fastest healing areas of the body, so it should not be too long. If you feel the area is getting more painful, or the area of pain is growing, I would see a doctor immediately, because it could mean an infection.

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@JLeslie has good advice, “cold but not too cold”. I’ve always found that too much ice (and it’s hard to gauge what is “too much” when you’re already burned) is going to make the whole healing process take longer. I would avoid the sucking on ice thing, next time.

But I don’t think the burn is necessarily too extreme, judging by what you’ve written so far, @noelleptc. This seems to be pretty much what happens to me every damn time I get a hot pizza. I love good pizza and I have poor impulse control in that regard. (That’s why picking it up myself and bringing it home is the safest course for me.)

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Try rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, it has many uses.

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it will probably last a few days, maybe a week. try some anbesol and don’t eat cap’n crunch.

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