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East or west europe, what do you like most?

Asked by max_gutierrez (341points) October 19th, 2010

I’m still planning my travel to europe but i was thinking, cities like vienna, prague, budapest or brussels are actually in general more pretty than massive tourism places like paris, london, or madrid, because everyone had been into these places and i think they lost that “special feeling” of knowing something different, but well their historical places are a must see lol, what do you think?

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The only part of Eastern Europe I’ve been to is Prague and it was lovely. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Budapest too. Also Bulgaria is popular especially if you’re looking for warmer weather. There are popular beach resorts along the Black Sea coast. Hmm what else… Sarajevo? That would be interesting. So would St Petersburg.

Brussels and Vienna aren’t in Eastern Europe. Brussels is Belgium and Vienna is Austria.

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lol i told the “east and west” inverted, but the main point was between massive tourism places and just beautiful not-so-full of people cities

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I like both, though I am more familiar with Western Europe, despite the fact that heritage-wise, I am full Eastern European (Slavic). Personally I found London and Paris to very special, but that’s just me. I’d love to go to Budapest or Bucharest or Belgrade or one of those “B” capitals. Never been to any of those. :(

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If it were me, I’d go to Western Europe. I only got to see a little bit of it last time, and I’ve got the family connection.
I don’t know that I’d be comfortable in Eastern Europe. It may be pretty, but there is nothing in the region (which, I will admit, I know little about) that clicks. Besides that, I’m already fairly well-acclimated to a few Western European cultures.

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Czech don’t consider themselves Eastern.

Eastern Europe is Poland, Slovakia, Baltic States, Balkans, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia.
Though some people even say Poland is not Eastern, the bit confiscated from Germany is essentially German, while the rest is surely Eastern.

Also, there is a lot more to Paris and London than you know… You think London and Paris have lost their “Special Feeling”? You need to take the initiative and explore them properly.

Travelling isn’t about tourist attractions… touristic places are always cliché and un-magical. Discovering things for yourself is always exciting, wherever you are, and if you think there’s nothing “left” to discover in Paris and London, you are very naive…

Mind you, most of the Eastern European cities you mentioned are not even Eastern European, so…

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I’m interested in the ancient ruins and mosaics in Istanbul and Jericho, so that’s where I would go.

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@YARNLADY Errr, Turkey and Palestine are not really Europe, but still, definitely interesting places to visit!

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@The_Idler thank you, I thought the article I found Hisham’s Palace in said it was in turkey.

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@The_Idler thanks now i got clearer the “east and west” term lol, i don’t even know paris and london, but most surely it will be the only time ill be into europe in my life and it also would be nice to see more “hidden” or “different ” things, .. i’m still thinking haha

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