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How do I sync music from my ipod to Itunes?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6627points) October 20th, 2010

I have Itunes on my computer but then it got a virus and then I had to take it for repair. They said the hard-something was broken so they changed everything and added a new one. Now I got it back its just like a brand-new computer. I downloaded Itunes yesterday and I dont feel like downloading the songs again one by one, so I want to connect the ipod to the computer but I dont know how to do that. Because last time I did it on my old computer I connected and it said something like this :this ipod is synced to another Itunes library, would you like to sync the ipod with this itunes and it deleted all my songs from my ipod.

What should I do? Could you put like step by step?

Thanks in advance!

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There are several questions in the archives on this subject. I found this one that seems very helpful. If not search more for “transfer songs from iPod to iTunes”.

Good luck!

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This video may be helpful. It doesn’t work for an iPod Touch, though.

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