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Because it was too large and hairy!

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) April 1st, 2008


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why did you run from the spider?

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I’m trying to see how many i get before someone says the obvious dirty question….

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Why’d you cut your Afro?

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Why didn’t you like that fat guys back?

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thats what she said…

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Why didn’t you like Ron Jheremy?

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why didnt you hold the tarantula?

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Why didnt you go any further?

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If the answer above means what i think it does, then i got my obvious question…

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… i think it does.

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Why did you get rid of your cat?

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The only reason I didn’t kick that bears ass

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Why won’t she have sex with me?

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why didnt you slap my butt?

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Why did you throw out that week old pizza?

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