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Cannonballs of course!

Asked by Perchik (4982points) April 1st, 2008

I know you may question my decision to choose cannonballs, but I can’t think of any better description. It’s just absolutely perfect for describing them. I know some of you might take a low blow at me for taking such a blatantly pirate view point, but you can get over it.

@Riser, I wasn’t specifically referring to yours, but if you wanna make it go in that direction….

@Del.. Really? that’s what you use them for… Interesting.

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Anyone else confused?

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What are those big things in my grandpas front yard by the cannons?

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hahahahahaha. You pirate, you.

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What springboard dives does a 250 pound man do better than anyone else?

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How can you tell its a male cannon?

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What question did Bri_L think of before me?

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what does my butt look like?

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