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How long have you had your current cell phone?

Asked by palerider (1020points) October 26th, 2010

How long have you had the physical phone that you have now? Not the service or contract, the phone….

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Almost 2 years. I think I qualify for a new one, soon.

I find that going with the cheapest phone in the building is my best bet. They last forever. Everyone I know has a nifty phone that does 8000 different things.. but they are always breaking. Mine flips open and has a tiny screen, but this baby is still going strong.

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I’ve had mine for about 6 months or so now. I upgraded to the Droid from the EnV. I had my EnV for almost 3 years. I didn’t upgrade it at the 2 year mark because I didn’t like any of the other phones available.

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For my 17th birthday, my parents got me a phone and added me to their plan, I got this guy and have yet to replace the phone.
So I’ve had it for a bit over 4 years now.
I want to replace it, but I’m way too overwhelmed by all of the different carriers, plans and phones available these days.

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i prefer to opt out of contracts within the earliest available time period. and because of this i have to go with some of the cheaper phones. i currently have an original EnV…more than 2 years.

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@Sarcasm ditto. I don’t even know what to do with most cell phones anymore, they are way too involved. I just want to call and text. I like to keep things simple, less stress that way.

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Same as @Sarcasm. I’ve had my phone about 4 years and it came free with the contract. I don’t text, barely know how to use the camera and only use the phone if I have to.

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Droid 4 months…pretty cool gizmo….I can Fluther where ever and when ever and do!! ;)

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About four years. It’s the cheapest Nokia you can find. The one they gave me when I started their service. It’s all I need. Most of the time it’s not turned on.

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I had one for 8 years and was finally too embarassed to use it so I have an old one of my son’s- maybe 3 years. I don’t know how to use the camera but it looks good.

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About one month. It’s an lg bliss. It is the only way I get on the internet. It’s o.k. but not as powerful as I would like. A lot of web pages won’t load and I can’t seem to ask a question on Fluther. I type in the first part of the question, then hit the continue button and nothing happens. Am I missing a trick or something?

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I had mine for about 9 months. Iphone. Love it.

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I’ve had my Samsung for about 3 or 4 years now.

All I use it for is taking photos and voice communications.
That’s all I want for now, so I’ll probably keep it until it breaks or becomes obsolete.

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4 years with a motorla razor, waiting for family plan to expire so I can get my own service and own phone while I’m at it.

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Almost 2 years.

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My husband gave it to me several years ago (I don’t remember when). However, it quit working last month, so he will be getting me a new one soon.

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about 6 years. when people see it they say sometimes “hey nice antique”

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From these responses, I am amazed at how long we are keeping these things. And they say we have the throw-away mentality. (But to be honest, there are a few people I know who have had about 6 apiece in the last 2 years.)

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I’ve had my Droid X for about a month and a half; the soonest I could upgrade without paying almost $600. I don’t text, but I do like to surf the web without the weight, bulk, or boot times of my laptop, or enjoy a quick video game during breaks at work. What better way than with a pocket-sized computer that just happens to be able to make phone calls?

@palerider I don’t know about the throw-away mentality since we are talking something that is easily broken or lost, has a component that requires replacing every 2–3 years (the battery), and is prone to obsolescence in the same way computers are. I don’t know of many people that keep their phone more than two years without upgrading that actually care about technology in general. Those who only use their phone as a phone or (like @rts486) barely use them at all may keep theirs a bit longer than those who still run WinXP on a Pentium 4.

@TheOnlyNeffie People I know who broke their “fancy” phones are mostly the types of people who are shouldn’t have anything even remotely breakable in the first place. Have you ever left your phone in your pants pocket when you did laundry, or have you lost three phones that way this year alone? Are you prone to dropping stuff other than bodily waste into the toilet? Have you ever broken an LCD computer screen with your habit of throwing stuff on your desk and had something bounce into the glass and crack it? Can you own a normal set of shoes, or are you restricted to slip-ons due to a tendency to snap shoelaces when you try to tie them? I know some real klutzes.
That said, I prefer “candy bars” over sliders or especially flip-phones. I’ve never seen a flip-phone last more than about two years regardless. If nothing else, the wiring in the hinge goes out.

@rts486 Is it a 2126? If all you need is a basic phone, that thing is great. My old one was small, light, long-lasting, and could pull bars where others lost service. I still use it as an alarm clock.

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