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What would you name the vampire jellyfish icon that now menaces the pages of Fluther?

Asked by Brian1946 (32263points) October 26th, 2010

The icon looks vampiric to me.
However, rather than take my word for it, look here, if you dare!

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He’s so cute, omg. I would name him…Lars.

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Vlad, the stinger.

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It should be named Cnidaria. That’s the name of a jellyfish parasite.

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Doktor J.

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Count Jacula.

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@seazen that’s hilarious! Perhaps an addition: Doktor Vladimir Jellus.

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Jelly Lugosi

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Lmao- excellent! :-D

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Dr. Jilly. The Tooth.

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Ooh, Ooh – I got one. Jam Stoker. Get it?

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@janbb : Damnit, Girl, we’re rockin’ tonight!

@seazen : That’s his sultry girlfriend… teehee

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Dracule jellies

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Doctor Jekyll.

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According to the Vampire Name Generator, if Dr J was female, she would be called Guinevere Darling, Poison of the Danube.

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@dverhey i was hopin they were going to a dr jekyll mr hyde theme this year actually

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Oh, come on Edward we’d know you anywhere.

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Heinrich Himmler? vague resemblance.

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Dr. Jaycula

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