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Besides milk...what other type of drink would mix well with cereal?

Asked by xjustxxclaudiax (1960points) January 27th, 2011

A couple minutes ago I had a bowl of cereal with not milk, but coffee in it..and the thought crossed my mind…what else would taste good with my cereal?...I know some of you might think its gross…but its my alternative to milk because I’m lactose intolerant…Sadly…I love milk but not willing to go through the “side affects” so I try to avoid it as much as possible. I really don’t like skim or silk milk…its like eating yogurt and saying its ice cream…no bueno..So any suggestions? Also I prefer it to be something cold…not warm or hot…lol.

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I really can’t think of a thing.
I have eaten oatmeal with just water….you know that’s good….really,reallly really good XD

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Almond milk is a good substitute.

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My wife has used orange juice in the past. She tells me it saves time by combining the two together and most of the time, it creates a whole new taste.

No thanks. It’s milk or nothing with my cereal.


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There are a variety of non dairy milk like products on the market made from various things ranging from grains to almonds. In fact, I had myself a glass of almond milk with some girl scout cookies last night. It was delicious.

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I have orange juice with muesli.

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Mountain Dew.

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Vodka! Well, maybe in downtown Vladivostock.

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I can only do milk.

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LOLLLL mountain dew..that’s something my friends would suggest….I’m thinking about trying that almond milk you guys were talking about tho..interesting. And yea I mix water with my oatmeal and it taste BOMB…and also add pieces of banana in it too..BOMB…lol. Now, what type of cereal would go good with almond milk?

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Dark Heineken— cold.
Beck’s Dark will do also. For real on Cheerio’s.

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I also had an aunt who ate cereal with orange juice.

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I love orange juice, I’ll probably try it someday with the rainbow cocoa pebbles…might taste good lol.

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I’ve never tried anything else other than milk, but I imagine it depends on the type of cereal you are eating. Experiment with a few things and see what you like.

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Yea that’s what I was thinking…I just hope that at least the almond milk will mix well with my favorite types of cereals…or at least one of my favorites….Coffee is a pretty good substitute..but it isn’t great…I always have this feeling like there’s something missing… :/

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I’ve tried hot chocolate on cereal, and it’s pretty good. Flavoured whey/protein powder with water is good too.

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When I was a little kid, we used to put apple juice in our cereal.

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Fruit muesli and cranberry juice… yummy

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What is muesli?...never heard of that…

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@xjustxxclaudiax It’s Swiss. Here is a recipe and picture. It’s very good.

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@marinelife- Interesting…..That actually looks pretty good…I’m gonna have to try that too:D

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I can’t imagine using anything but milk or faux milk (like Soy). In the winter, I like to warm my Grape Nuts and milk in the microwave.

After all, you want to keep your Nuts warm on a cold morning.

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@Austinlad Just don’t put “your privates” in the microwave.

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Mmmm..cream soda..but I don’t think anything carbonated would taste good with cereal….would it?

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@Austinlad- Protect your nuts man.

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Always, @xjustxxclaudiax… always. ;-)

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I had some hazelnut milk the other day that would really pair well with cereal. Rice milk tastes the most like regular milk and then there’s almond milk which is also good. I tried hemp milk, but it has kind of a strange “off” flavor that I didn’t care for. You might also like soy milks that are flavored. I’ve had chocolate, strawberry, chai and chocolate-mint flavors that were all really tasty. Also, Lactaid, which has no lactose and is real milk pretty much tastes just like regular milk. There’s also a new one that I haven’t tried yet that is made with coconut.

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@Kardamom- I always thought lactaid was like soy milk or something so I never bothered to look at it, I guess I thought wrong….good to know now :) another thing I’ll have to try. So in your opinion whats better, rice milk or lactaid?

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If you want something that tastes pretty much exactly like milk then I’d say Lactaid. I drink it everyday at home because my dad is lactose intolerant. He likes it too. Rice milk has a slightly thinner consistency, but has a wonderful clean milk-like taste. Either one is a really good choice.

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When I was trying out a dairy-free diet, I found that both pineapple juice and unsweetened apple sauce worked very well with dry cereal.

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I think apple or cranberry juice would be good with granola.

Almond milk sounds yummy with Honey Bunches of Oats.

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i love almond, soy and even hemp milk.

applesauce sounds good.

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My dad used to use apple cider. Not the hard kind, but you could try that too.

My partner likes yogurt with cereal.

Flavored milk is good. Chocolate, strawberry, coffee. I bet coffee milk would be better than coffee.

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Lemonade and Frosted Flakes used to be a favorite of mine. Even when we had milk I’d sometimes use lemonade.

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A friend once put beer with her cereal – but she was drunk at the time…I believe she had lucky charms!

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Chocolate soy milk is really good with banana cheerios

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Almost any kind of fruit juice goes nicely with muesli, although I prefer it with either apple or grapefruit. That’s just about the only time I eat any kind of breakfast cereal. I’m dairy intolerant too, and I never liked soyamilk, but I do like oat milk and rice milk.

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Rice Dream is the best and tastiest Rice Milk available… I don’t do Cow’s milk or Soy either… ick well only very occasionally

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I’ll just leave this right here.

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Different types of tea.

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Yeah, thanks for that, @SmashTheState .

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Rice milk.

@SmashTheState I want to try breast milk now.

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