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Can anyone recommend a good quality (and sweatshop-free) T-Shirt maker?

Asked by angus (27points) November 9th, 2006
I have a funny idea and I'd like to make/sell a few hundred cheap, good quality, non-sweatshoppy t-shirts. Who should I use? Is an Internet company better than something local to SF? How much will it cost?
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American Apparel is sweat-free but pricey.
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I heard they had some sexual issues with the pres
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Ah sexual shmexual
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Though I suppose that's pretty bad.
sdeutsch's avatar is good for cheap shirts (I think they start somewhere around 12 bucks apiece) - don't know about their sweatshoppiness, though... =)
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are they cheaper if I buy more?
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Yeah American Apparel is sketchy in a couple of ways
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The top two are Justice Clothing and No Sweat Apparel (just google them and they'll pop up)
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You can get a whole list at but those two are the best.
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There's a couple Bay Area printing places if you want to print locally - one in the Haight that I can't remember and Maggie's Organics.
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this sounds like something I might like to buy
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I work for a company that makes t-shirts any way you want 'em, and we do American Apparel, too, (which I Email me if you want a quote on tshirts (
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If you're looking to get tshirts printed there's an AWESOME website: you can choose what brand of shirt to print on and they have American Apparel
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i love american apparel clothes, but the "sexual issues" with the media also have to do with their founder/ceo making explicitly sexual remarks to the women who work under him, requiring (clothing!) models to undress in front of him, and masturbating during interviews.
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i find it problematic that if we choose sweat free, we have to accept misogynist.

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