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Would an E-Cigarette make a good Christmas gift for a smoker?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) October 27th, 2010

Seems like if you know a smoker the lesser of two evils would be the way to go. Why not make a present to someone who smokes. Maybe they will drop the tar habit. If not it still seems like a cool novel gift.

Are E-Cig companies already pushing this angle?

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Depending if the smoker wants to quit, you might be spending a lot of money for naught. Also, all e-cigs are different; I’ve heard some have nicotine, some e-cigs have cartridges that are not easily obtainable. Would it be to much to ask the person if they would want one for x-mas? Or try to hint around to see if they would appreciate one.

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I wouldn’t. I’d think it was sort of like giving a heavy person some diet bars.

My son bought some and tried them. I sampled them too, as an ex-smoker of 21 years. They smell funny and taste funny, and he didn’t hang in with them for very long, despite getting stuck for a $100 charge on a “free” offer. I imagine they have their enthusiasts, but you’d be risking saddling the person with something they really did not like at all.

If the person wants to quit, he or she can quit. Many people have done it. And I’ve never seen one who did it because of someone else’s hints. If not, I think they have to choose what to smoke.

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That’s something the smoker has to get on their own. They have to want to quit.

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As a smoker who would like to quit, again then I wouldn’t like this as a holiday gift. Any other time then sure, thanks but for the holidays I want things I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself but want just the same.

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@all E-cigarettes aren’t necessarily for quitting. A lot of people use them to save money by buying cartridges instead of packs.

On that note, I wouldn’t buy it as a Christmas gift. That’s like buying a 12 pack of Coke for someone who likes Pepsi. Or buying a Timex watch for someone who wants a Rolex. They’re similar, but not the same.

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Understood, @buckyboy28. I’m sure the e-cig manufacturers don’t want their customers to quit. My son bought them to save money and so he could get away with “smoking” in places where it’s forbidden. It was the OP who suggested the inducement to quit, and some of us responded to that.

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I’m a smoker and an ecigarette user and as someone mentioned above, it’s something a smoker really needs to get for himself. Smoking is a kind of peculiar habit and addiction and we’re very sort of “brand loyal” people. It took me quite a lot of experimentation with different device and different “e-liquids”, the other important element of “vaping” as it’s called and experiment with various vaping techniques before I managed to come pretty close to something that felt like
smoking to me.

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My prayer to you:

Our Lady of Language
Please guide my hand and steel my resolve
As I, an old woman, unwise in the ways of texting
Try to navigate the perilous water of fluther with nothing but my iPod touch
As I wander the out of town wilderness without my laptop
Forgive me my grammatical, spelling and puntuation error for I know not what I do

Anyway, there are so
many e-smoking product out there and some of them
are quite expensive
and some of them are crap and expensive and you might end up both wastjng your money and discouraging your friend from trying them in the future if the first experience is unpleasant and unsatisfactory.

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It really depends. I wanted to quit but was at the point where trying to go cold turkey was dangerous to those around me. We’re not talking mood swings, we’re talking violence; I took a few swings and dented a wall of our apartment. So nicotine was required.

Patches caused problems, not the least of which was nasty rashes. The unevenness of the delivery also caused issues. Tachycardia isn’t fun.

Gum was not an option; I don’t like having stuff in my mouth (not just between the lips, but actually in my mouth) for longer than it takes to chew and swallow. Lozenges will get eaten like candy.

There is a particular brand of e-cig that I can get the cartridges for locally, pastes dcent enough (though nothing like the American Spirit Perique blend rollies I was used to), and it delivers nicotine in a controllable fashion without leaving welts, so I could wean myself off of smoking without either skin lesions or a criminal record. Your mileage may vary, especially depending on which one you get and whether the recipient truly wants to quit, but I am tobacco-free and didn’t kill anybody.

But @Neizvestnaya is correct in that maybe Christmas isn’t the right time for such a gift, especially if the intended recipient hasn’t expressed an y interest in one. Every gift I’ve ever received that I actually appreciated was either something that anybody who knows me knows I want (like my Droid X, a ½ pound box of maple candy, or just about anything wrapped in bacon) or something I needed but could not afford myself (like major vehicle repairs). Those who have tried to surprise me with something that doesn’t fit either of those categories generally disappoints me, so I would imagine that such a gift may well be a bad idea.

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No, not as a gift.

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The intention is good, but owning an e-cigarette is a bit more involved than dashing to the local convenience store and buying a pack of cigarettes.

Even if the smoker discovered they liked vaping (inhaling vapor instead of smoke) , you’ve imposed the necessity of that person learning everything vape related to enable him or her to duplicate the previous smoking experience.

It wouldn’t necessarily be an expensive gift, but it’s money wasted if the recipient chooses not to convert to vaping.

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