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Does anyone out there have a job for me?

Asked by Blondesjon (33994points) October 27th, 2010

I’m in the process of starting with a clean slate. The family and I have moved to a new house, in a new area, and the only thing left to change is my current job.

The job I’m in has no future and has made my day to day life a study in career induced depression. I’m good at just about everything and if I’m not, well, it doesn’t take me long to learn to be. Anyone got any leads?

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Want to help me teach?

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Hey there, I’m in the same boat, looking for a job. What I did notice in my area is there is a ton of jobs for truck drivers. Would that be something you might be interested in? My ex drove a truck and was home every night and made really good money. If you don’t have your CDL, I don’t think classes take that long to get one.

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What kind of skills do you have? My plan is to work in retail and write in my spare time. Then, when if I get picked up by a publisher, I can stop the retail and be a writer full time. Could you do something like that? If you were doing something you loved while at your deadbeat job, it may not seem so bad and you might be able to start doing it full time.

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Add me to the list of Jellies needing work. Why don’t we all start a business or something like that? Tons of talent in the collective here.

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I am in the same boat, I have alot of past experience but it seems that no one is searching for people like me… I have checked craiglist, and our area greensheet but nothing has come across… let me know what you find, maybe I can learn something new from you…

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So what are your dreams?

What do you enjoy doing?

Let’s brainstorm dammit!

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Jon, I really feel that you would make an awesome teacher (I’m thinking grades 6–8). You’re brilliant.

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Here is one idea I’ve batted around for several years:

Become a professional eBay buyer/seller. There are plenty of people who are in need of extra cash. If you were to set up an eBay account, learn the ins and outs, and learn how to take quality photos, you could offer to do the work and collect a commission.

Another untapped resource is in the elderly who are moving out of a house and into a retirement center, or even pass away. Often the relatives do not live in the same city and would gladly hire someone to help get rid of the items that they do not want, plus make a little cash.

You could also tie in yard sales. Purchase some display tables, clothes racks, and display walls; help with the marketing; help with the pricing; help with the selling. You get paid in commission and could even throw in that you get anything left over.

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To go off what @Pied_Pfeffer said, I have a friend who taught herself a lot about clothing and then started combing places like Good Will and the Salvation Army for stuff that would ordinarily cost a lot. Then, she buys it and sells it on ebay for a tidy profit. It’s not her sole source of income, but if you were to do anything like what @Pied_Pfeffer suggested, that could supplement your business.

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You could come work with me at the farm

Wait…aren’t you at a farm now?

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Aside from open heart surgery or piloting an airplane, I’m pretty confident that I could do just about anything. I can operate anything that is considered heavy machinery. I am competent on a computer. I am in the process of getting a CDL. I would love to teach but I don’t have a piece of paper saying I can. I’m open, and able, to do just about anything.

I would prefer to not fuck around with sales anymore. I’ve done enough of it to have truly gotten my fill.

If I could do whatever I like I would write and do my show full time.

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weekly podcast. not up to spamming right now

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Regarding the Ebay thing- I did it going through college. It brought in a pretty good income. The trick is to buy small enough to ship and buy low at yard sales. I used to just double the price I paid and things sold great.

I also bought a postal scale and got free boxes delivered to me from the post office and printed out my postage using my cheap computer printer. Really easy setup.

Also the perks of shipping USPS priority is that they will come and pick up your boxes for you if you cannot get to town.

I really enjoyed doing it.
Oh wait that is kinda like sales…... sorry

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A co-worker and his SO started flipping houses. They made really decent money. With the number of foreclosures these days, it might be worth looking into. The house across the street from me sat vacant for almost a year when the owners deserted it. The bank finally hired contractors to come in and fix it up. It took about 3 months of working 9–5, and the house sold within 2 months.

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I wish I could hire all of you. I would, in a heartbeat. I love @Dog‘s idea about starting some kind of collective business venture. You are all brilliant people, with a lot of diverse talents… there must be some way to bring that stuff together into a viable operation. I’m good at managing, and brainstorming, so if anyone is interested, I’d be willing to help you all try to get something off the ground.

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Would it be possible to actually undergo something like that? Could we ask a whole new question to involve other jobless folks?

Just to throw this out there, when I graduate I will have the training and skills necessary to operate video and editing equipment. Just saying.

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@KatawaGrey Good idea! Go ask a new Q about it. :)

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@Pied_Pfeffer, I know someone who did that, She passed the bar and then couldn’t get hired for law work, so she started an eBay business. She didn’t waste her time shopping estates and yard sales. Instead she found individuals (mostly via online search) who made novelty and craft items, and she would buy them in bulk and then sell them singly on eBay. All she needed besides her computer was a digital camera and plenty of packaging materials. She made a post office run every day or two and spent her time managing her sale accounts instead of running around town shopping for stuff. She kept this up quite profitably for some time, until she finally got hired by a law firm.

@Blondesjon, you might look at community colleges and adult education centers and so on, which may not require teachers’ certification such as you need for public schools. What can you teach?

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Will your CDL allow you to drive rigs?

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@Dog i think that you need a commercial license, and a C is only for local things not rigs
@jeruba I think the information you provided is awesome… i might do that, like the lawyer, currently i am an accountant and i think that i am going to have to do income tax season to make money to pay the bills, which of course is better than nothing right? lol
@KatawaGrey: i think that it is awesome you are trying to look outside the box to get something going.. Great Ideas!!!

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If @Blondesjon learned to drive a rig he could make good money. Not all of it is long distance so family would not suffer. My spouse has a schedule just like a long distance trucker. While it is a bummer when he is gone when he is home it is for several days in a row. That part is awesome.

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Well I need a full time cook, landscaper, housekeeper here. But you are way too far away for that but thanks for asking. I think you would make a great comedian. I would come and see ya. Thanks for the laughs every week. Keep em coming

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Do what I do. I work in the daycare center in a gym. No experience req just have to love children. It is loads of fun and can work part or full time. I work part time now but want more hours. They love me think I am younger. I laugh my ass off in there everyday from what they tell me or what they do. Its great. Never a dull moment. Look into it. Playing at work. Who knew ya could right?

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