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When I export my outlook CSV file into Gmail, the phone numbers turn up as name, how do I fix this ?

Asked by Staalesen (2690points) October 28th, 2010

When I try to export my Contact list from outlook into Gmail, instead of names, the phone numbers turn up.
The name, adress, etc, turn up in the info, but as notes.
I guess you can see why I need that to change….
I also have a lot of trouble trying to sync my outlook with gmail, so if anybody has any tips there I would appreciate it as well :) (tried a lot of free sync apps, none worked)
I am running Office 2007, on a Windows 7 64 bit machine.

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Modify the column order of your CSV to match what GMail expects. It’s easy to do, just open the file in Excel or some other spreadsheet editor and move the columns to match what GMail needs to receive (since you can’t rearrange GMail’s contacts file to suit your CSV).

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I am not sure how to do that.. when i open it in excel it seem that all headers are in A1..
Also.. how do I know what order Gmail prefer thei CSV file ?

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It sounds as if you don’t have a “real” CSV file, if all of your “name, address, etc.” turn up in “Notes”. These should all be separate columns of data, and it may be possible for one column to end up in “Notes”, but they shouldn’t all be there.

I don’t use Outlook yet (that’s coming), so I can’t advise you directly, but I have exported CSV lists of contacts from Yahoo!Mail into GMail, for example. The process isn’t very difficult… if you have a “real” CSV to start with. It sounds as if there’s a problem with your CSV file, because CSV stands for “Comma-Separated Values”, where each different data set should be in its proper column. Then you’d only have to match “your” columns (in your Outlook export) to GMail’s expectation of which columns it wants, and where.

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