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Who has screen protector for their iPhone(s)?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) April 2nd, 2008 from iPhone


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I use one called invisashield, I believe. Virtually scratch proof and has a lifetime guarantee.

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I got one from the apple store. You can’t even tell it’s on.

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i got a cheap one on amazon. seems to work pretty good

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Anti glare at the apple store.

Cornman, wered you get the “invisashield” at??

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I’ve got the iSkin… the protector is also polarized making it harder to others to read your info.

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I’m with you @cornman, it works great and yes they will replace it for free if something should happen to it! They did it for mine! No questions asked!

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I’ve tried several, including InvisibleShield, “Best Skins Ever” and Bodyguardz. By far the best for iPhone is Bodyguardz. Protects the entire iPhone, and doesn’t affect figure gestures. Only downside is it takes a bit of finessing to apply. is their site (I have no association with them… I just think their product is the best one)

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no screen protector or case of any kind here… suprisingly resilient this iPhone has been dropped a couple dozen times!

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Here’s a Skin website to try: see what you think. A couple of friends of mine have, they think there great! I’ve ordered 3 different ones.

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There is no need for one. The screen is glass

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I use the Power Support Crystal Film. Bought it at the local apple store, also available online. Here is a review:
I like it because it has protected the screen and makes it a lot easier to wipe off.

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I also use Power Support Crystal Film – and put it on the day I got the iPhone.

@mcconnehey: A friend of mine dropped his iPhone and the screen shattered

My iPhone fell on asphalt and there’s a couple deep gouges in the chrome bevel and one on the screen film – so I believe it has saved my screen.

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@TheHaight. I bought mine at a little kiosk in the mall. Everytime I have had to get a new iPhone I just take the shield in and the give me a new one. I can take a key and try to scratch the screen and it leaves no marks at all.
I also just ordered an Otterbox case for my phone that is totally waterproof up to about 5 feet.

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I just replaced mine with invisibleshield its like nothing is on it!!!! You don’t see anything and It us completely covered! 100% scratchproof! You couldn’t ask for better! It is 24.95 with a lifetime guarantee NO QUESTION ASKED!

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