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Does a drunken mind, speaks a sober heart?

Asked by lovelyy (1134points) April 2nd, 2008

why is people tend to say what they really mean only when they’re dunk?

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In some times, yes, but I know many people, including myself who have told people that we do not even know things that are very untrue because they do not even know what they are saying.

So, slightly drunken people sometimes will speak their hearts. But, once they reach the point of not remembering or knowing what they say, a lot of statements will not be from the heart.

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Because alcohol impairs judgment, and often judgment (good or bad) is what prevents us from saying what we really mean. Often, this is a good thing.

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Alcohol blurs the boundaries of decency and good judgment. It’s been known to leave people scurrying out of a home before the other impaired judgment wakes up.

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Speaking from personal experience I’m going to have to say not all the time. I have said somethings I would never mean or say sober. Although I do also believe it does release us from our inhibitions sometimes. It really depends I guess on how drunk you are or if you have alot of stuff you are holding back.

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I think its an excuse sometimes, now that I think about it I say too much on my mind when I am sober (which can be good or bad I guess)

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yes I think it does because ive been drunk plenty of times and I know what you mean, your heart may just “amplify” the truth you feel

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@thehaight; i agree with you. people do use it as an excuse, if the other person doesn’t respond how they want they can just say oh i was drunk i don’t even remember what i was saying.

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YES! I agree lovelyy. I just remember back in highschool going to parties and seeing girls all over guys, acting like floozys and the next day Im all “what was up with last night?” in their reply : “Oh my god I was sooo drunk”....yeah right, its an excuse, even out of highschool i notice the same thing about those kinda girls.

its different for everyone and thats just my opinion on what I have seen.

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@lovelyy “Does a drunken mind, speaks a sober heart? why is people tend to say what they really mean only when they’re dunk?” Are you drunk right now? Just Kidding!

When I’ve thrown back a few, I am usually a bit more adamant about certain subjects, as your best friend “cracker” knows! Regardless of sobriety, I feel how I feel, but I’m less likely to argue when I’m sober. It is a cop-out, but alcohol does affect your judgement. When you’re intoxicated you usually think solely about you, and other’s thoughts and feelings are “out the door”! People feel how they feel, no matter what, but I do believe alcohol affects the manner in which they express it.

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@bulbatron; very funny, thanks for pointing out i forgot it in my details and i put speaks instead of speak. ha. i just realized it myself. anyway i really like how you explained everything, especially when you said “people feel how they feel, no matter what, but i do believe alcohol affects the manner in which they express it.”

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I think it is because common sense and good judgement is impaired and off goes the mouth.

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The rumor that I’m a drunk, is being spread by people who have tripped over me…..

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Well now that I am drunk I can answer this question honestly. I think it lowers inhabitions….“you don’t care what you say” so your not scared of feeling or consequences.

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@gooch Inthe 60’s MD 20 20 or cheap sangreia (sp) did for us at the U of A! Thank goodness those days are a long time gone.

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Yeah it can affect your judgement but people use it as an excuse way too often just to do what they’d really like to do or say because now they have the confidence to do it. I personally think it’s really annoying.

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