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How do you feel about the phenomenon of slutty Halloween costumes?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19059points) October 30th, 2010

Does it bother you? Are you outraged? Appreciative? Part of it? Neutral?

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wat? That’s a new one on me! I’d like to see one standing at the door! lol

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I feel they are hawt.

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I’d be perfectly fine with it as long as my mistress was wearing one of them.

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Ahh, the MIL’s wardrobe! :¬)

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On grown women, they’re just kind of tacky, but on little kids, which seem to be where the majority of these slutty costumes end up, I think it’s sending a very wrong message. The parents should know better, but of course they don’t, they think it’s cute. And people wonder why their daughters go online and talk to strange men. They’re expected to look sexy at a very young age and the girls think that by dressing this way and sending out photos of themselves looking like this, that they will be loved. Love is usually the last thing they get. It is such a shame that little kids aren’t allowed to be children any more. Exploitation and entertainment is what it’s all about today.

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All in good fun. No big.

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Slutty on adults is fine. Slutty on children, definitely not.

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I’m not crazy about it. Though, I am already in a panic about potentially losing my own cleavage this evening.
I feel like many women use Halloween as a reason to dress like an exotic dancer.. doesn’t really bother me, but I tend not to get into that whole trend. I usually lean towards the more gory/frightening aspects of Halloween.

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I agree with @downtide on adult it’s fine; why not?. But for children? No, of course not. And any 4 year old who does show up at my house trick-or-treating in a slutty costume is going to get sued for sexual harassment. I’m not kidding! :- )

Edit: But to add to that, personally, I like costumes that people really put some thought and imagination into. Dressing like a slut isn’t very creative, original, or imaginative, in my opinion.

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I agree with @TheOnlyNeffie that it seems to be an opportunity for women to dress as strippers without getting called out on being provocative amongst their friends or coworkers. I think most of the costumes end up looking ridiculous but it’s not of deep importance to me in thought or if I see it up close. What does bother me is if adult women think it’s ok to dress like that in front of kids and then act ridiculous, Halloween isn’t a “forget your common sense holiday”, not that I know of.

Hey kid, why’s your drunken mom dressed up like a smiley face, running around the room and pointing out she’s not wearing knickers under her yellow tights?

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Depends on who is wearing it. I admit that even though I’m a classy bastard, there will still be a twitch in my drawers if I see the right woman in a slutty costume. It’s hormones, ya know?

What I don’t want to see is children….. or my mom. shudders

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How old are the people in question who are wearing them? It’s certainly not appropriate for children. But I don’t mind people my age wearing them; they’re old enough to make their own choices and that kind of thing doesn’t “offend” me.

One of the hottest things ever was when an attractive guy friend of mine wore a sexy slutty sailor suit…so hot… :P

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It’s not terribly original, but I’m not offended by it. It’s not even a question whether kids should be wearing these sort of costumes though.

The only costumes I enjoyed seeing the other day at school were worn for Day of the Dead.

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@muppetish Course, it’s not like a store-bought vampire costume is terribly original, either… There are almost no original costumes, and those that are original are usually born out of laziness, cheapness, and procrastination as someone rushes around the house putting random stuff on 30 minutes before a party.

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For children?? No.
Adults?Hmm…lets hold a protest in Vegas! XD

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Practically the whole world of fashion, for all ages of females, is slutty (bellies, butts and breasts hanging out), why would Halloween costumes be any different.

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Where I live, there is a university and just about any evening you drive by, you can see hordes of college girls dressed in 4 inche heels and slinky black dresses that come down barely far enough to hide their crotches. Hordes! On Halloween weekend, it’s the same, except they’re all wearing masks, too.

It amazes me how the girls all get dressed up every night to go out. How they vamp it up as much as they do. It seems like the girls are far more out there, sexually speaking, then they were when I was in college.

I’ve seen how they dress up little girls for beauty pageants. I’ve seen how there is nothing but sex, sex, sex in television advertising and in the movies.

Sluttiness on Halloween? What’s the diff? It’s just general sluttiness every day and at every age, as far as I can tell. It’s how you get a competitive advantage, I guess.

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pictures please

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@talljasperman I think this is a good starting place. Cracked also did an article on sexy costumes gone horribly, horribly wrong.

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My costume is going to be sexy, not slutty. There’s a difference.

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My hot neighbor is Marilyn Monroe….She’s adorable.

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Live and let live I reckon. It’s not what I go for myself. I think it’s rather predictable, but it’s not something I give much thought to. I love seeing original/creative costumes – scary or otherwise.

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My hot neighbor is Marilyn Monroe….She’s adorable.

I do not believe you. You should post pictures to defend that statement.

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@stardust I dunno, I think there is something really quite creative about being able to take a costume of Nemo and slutify it.

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When your 6th grade daughter is determined to wear the slutty costume, and you end up screaming at her for an hour, you may see things my way.

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@filmfann Which is…? And I did mean ask about grown women, not children—although, I’m glad to hear no one here loves them so slutty kids…

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@filmfann – who won???

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On adults at adult parties, I see nothing wrong with it, especially since fewer people have Mardi Gras parties, where they would be more appropriate.

On children I think they are a travesty.

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I’ll admit, they disgust me a tad. After Mean Girls threw the whole conspiracy wide open, it’s a bit obvious and uncreative. But, I take my hat off to anyone who can pull off a slutty nemo costume. (Nemo as in Finding, or Little? Either way, I suppose . . . )

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Slutty Halloween costumes? Bring it on.

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@efritz Finding

And like I said, all pre-made costumes lack originality.

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slutty’s OK but I prefer trashy the most.

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What really bothers me about this trend is the fact that my 16, 15, and almost 13 year old daughters can’t seem to find anything that isn’t slutty, unless it’s totally boring. So, we have to get creative. Leggings under short skirts, tank tops under low cut tops, etc. It just seems so… wrong.

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@papayalily and @rooeytoo I won and lost. She didn’t get to wear the slutty stuff, but I lost a lot of connection with her for years.
She is in her 30’s now, and realizes I was right, but we were distanced for a long time.

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It pisses me off. Like @augustlan it bothers me that I can’t find anything NOT slutty without it being tacky, boring or something I’m completely not interested in. Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean that I want to dress like a hooker. There’s a way to look hot and be tasteful without running around half naked.

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When I was a kid/teenager, hardly anyone bought their costumes. It seems to me that we were a lot more creative, though I did manage to dress like a whore once (on purpose), anyway! You had a lot more control over what you wore when you picked out individual pieces to make up your own costume. Sadly, my teenagers will not stand for such a thing… everyone buys their costume these days, and I don’t want to make them stick out like a sore thumb by going home-made style. So, we’re left with adding layers. Sigh.

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@augustlan While I’m not huge on HomeEc being taught, it did lead to very few people knowing how to do even basic sewing, which is a required skill for creating your own costume. Or at least a mother who knows how to sew, which we also don’t have anymore.
A couple years ago, a friend of mine went as “Imaginary Girl”, the superhero who uses imaginary numbers. I had to sew all the i’s onto the cape she was borrowing from me.

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@papayalily When I was creating costumes for pay, I always got a lot of orders for Halloween costumes, and many people wanted convertible costumes to use for Mardi Gras. People were more interested in personal, hand made costumes than the racks you see now.

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When I was a kid/teenager, hardly anyone bought their costumes. It seems to me that we were a lot more creative

It depends on the crowd you run with.

I know a couple of kids whose parents spent an hour online shopping for costumes.

Their cousins spent a weekend scouring the closets and borrowing clothes for DIY costumes. They made cardboard helmets and swords.

These two families live a couple miles from each other, the moms are sisters, and yet the kids have totally differerent concepts of how to get a Halloween costume.

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Damn, that should have read “the removal of HomeEc did lead to…”

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@papayalily Psh. We didn’t sew them… we scrounged them! Like, the time I dressed up as a Cowgirl Hooker (purposely looking like a whore), I wore a cowboy hat, a button up shirt tied up under my boobs, a pair of short-ass shorts, cowboy boots and a ton of blue eyeshadow. Or the time I went as a flapper: Long slinky pleated skirt, worn as a sleeveless dress, with a long sleeveless shirt over top, and a hat with a feather. Cardboard swords covered in tin foil, face painting. That’s the kind of thing I mean. We might buy an accessory (vampire teeth, a set of wings) or something, but all the rest was owned, borrowed, or made.

A few years ago, my oldest went as the Grey Lady from Harry Potter. I whipped up an entire ‘evening gown’ out of a bolt of cheap grey satiny fabric and safety pins, topped with a broach. It came out great! Alas, they now longer want my awesome ‘faking it’ skills. :p

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Holy typos. I meant “worn as a strapless dress” and “they no longer want my awesome”.

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I think that if your a teen sexy is fine, as long as its not trashy. There’s a difference.

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It’s pretty scary if you ask me.

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